Is Advantis Credit A Scam or Legit? Email Address, Contact Number

The last thing you want to deal with when you’re in debt is a debt collection agency. Advantis Credit (also known as Advantis Debt Collection) is among the many companies that operate in the United Kingdom; if you’re reading this, you may have already heard of them.

If you need to learn more about them or if they are attempting to collect a debt from you, continue reading as we examine the company and its practises.

Advantis Credit is a debt collection agency specialising in the recovery of delinquent debts on behalf of creditors. Since 2001, the agency has been operating in Colchester, Essex, in the United Kingdom. Concerns and queries have been raised regarding whether Advantis Credit is a scam or a legitimate debt collection agency. This article will examine this topic in greater depth, including statistics and data regarding the operations and reputation of Advantis Credit.

Advantis Credit’s Reputation

Reputation is one of the primary determinants of whether Advantis Credit is a fraud or a legitimate debt collection agency. According to Trustpilot, a website that enables customers to rate businesses, Advantis Credit has a 4.5-star rating based on over 1,200 customer reviews. The fact that 87% of these evaluations are rated “excellent” or “great” indicates a high level of customer satisfaction. Just 3% of evaluations are deemed to be “poor” or “bad.”

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In addition, Advantis Credit is a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA), which represents debt collection agencies in the United Kingdom. Advantis Credit, as a member of the CSA, is required to adhere to a code of conduct that includes ethical and professional debt collection standards. Customers who have concerns about the CSA’s practises can also utilise the agency’s complaints and disputes resolution procedure.

Collection of Debt Statistics

In the United Kingdom, debt collection is a prevalent practice, and statistics indicate that many people struggle with debt. In 2016, 8.3 million individuals in the United Kingdom were unable to pay their bills or debts, according to a report by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In addition, the FCA discovered that approximately 4.1 million individuals had “persistent debt” on their credit cards, indicating they had been in debt for at least three years.

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ccording to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Advantis Credit has received 129 consumer complaints since the agency began tracking complaints in 2013. Of those complaints, the majority (97) were related to problems with debt collection, including attempts to collect debts that were not owed or attempts to collect debts that were already paid. Other complaints included problems with communication tactics (14), false statements or representations (9), and threats of legal action (4).

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Despite the complaints filed against Advantis Credit, it is worth noting that the company has taken steps to improve its business practices in recent years. In 2016, the company entered into a consent order with the CFPB, agreeing to pay a $150,000 civil penalty and to implement a number of reforms to its debt collection practices. The reforms included improving the accuracy of its records, providing consumers with more information about their debts, and ensuring that its debt collection practices comply with federal law.

Advantis Email Address

Advantis Credit Ltd Minton Hollins Building Shelton Old Road, email address is


while Advantis Credit has faced some criticisms and complaints in the past, the company appears to be a legitimate debt collection agency that operates within the bounds of federal law. However, as with any debt collection agency, consumers should be aware of their rights and ensure that the agency is following proper debt collection practices. Consumers who feel that they have been treated unfairly by Advantis Credit or any other debt collection agency should file a complaint with the appropriate regulatory agency.


Who are Advantis Debt Collectors?

They describe themselves as a ‘leading UK Debt Collection Agency’ that trades under the name of Advantis Credit Limited. The firm dates back to 2004 and is based in Stoke on Trent, England.

Why am I being contacted by Advantis Debt Collection?

If you’ve received communications from Advantis Debt Collectors, it’s likely that you may be responsible for an outstanding debt. It could be that this was with a different company, as they become involved to collect debt on behalf of other firms.

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Are Advantis Credit legitimate?

Advantis is a legitimate company (operating under UK Company Number 5223252). They act on behalf of other companies to collect outstanding debts, and are a member of the Credit Services Association.

Advantis Credit Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They can be found on the FCA’s register at the following link, under reference number 705478.

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What debts do Advantis collect?

They collect a wide variety of debts, ranging from self-assessment tax arrears and tax credit overpayments through to outstanding debts owed to utilities companies.

Who does Advantis collect for?

Advantis collects outstanding debts for a range of companies and organisations, including:

British Gas
Swinton Insurance

How do deal with Advantis Credit debt collectors?

The best course of action for dealing with Advantis Debt Collection will depend on your own unique set of circumstances – such as whether you can afford to pay what you owe, or if you dispute the fact that you owe the debt at all.

Generally speaking, there are several courses of action that you could choose to take depending on your specific circumstances. These might include for eg: paying Advantis Debt Collectors in full, making a part payment, agreeing to a payment plan, seeking to write off your debt by using an insolvency solution, or alternatively disputing the fact that you owe money to Advantis in the first instance

How to check if you actually owe money to Advantis Debt Collectors?

Whether you dispute a debt or not, you may wish to establish that you actually owe the money that Advantis are trying to collect. When asked, they should be able to confirm your total debt figure and name the company that they are collecting the debt on behalf of.

Any information provided can then be double-checked against your own personal records to make certain that all information is correct and that you owe the amount they are chasing.

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Can Advantis take you to court?

Advantis Credit Limited could take you to court to make a claim for any money you owe. In many cases, any court action would involve the company that you actually owe money to seeking out a County Court Judgment against you. This is more likely to happen if you refuse to engage with them when they request payment of your outstanding debt, or where you simply ignore their communications.

Generally speaking, debt collectors are more likely to work with debtors if they communicate clearly and are keen to find a solution to their problems. When it comes to debt, ignoring the problem simply doesn’t cut it.

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Will Advantis come to my house?

If you do not respond to the attempts to contact, they could send a debt collector to your house. There are important differences between debt collectors and bailiffs, which we discuss later in this article.

Do you have to let debt collectors from Advantis Debt Collection in?

You do not have to let debt collectors from Advantis Debt Collectors into your property, however you may invite them in out of choice. If you refuse to grant them entry to the property, they cannot force their way in.

Can Advantis send bailiffs?

Advantis cannot send court bailiffs, but they may send debt collectors.

These are not bailiffs, and they have far fewer powers in comparison. In most cases, Bailiffs will only be sent to your home to enforce a County Court Judgment (CCJ) where either you have not paid what you owe, or where you have failed to keep up with court ordered monthly instalments. That’s not to say that your unpaid debt will never escalate to the point where court bailiffs attend your address, but they cannot send bailiffs of their own accord.

Do Advantis buy debts?

Advantis state on their website that they do not purchase debts from other companies. Instead, they provide debt collection services to other organisations and companies including British Gas and HMRC.

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