Is Bbhtv Legit or Scam ( Our Honest Reviews is positioned as more than just an ordinary money-making platform; it presents itself as a dynamic and interactive hub for users to engage in tasks that lead to financial gains. The platform has recently entered the scene, garnering attention for its promise of monetary rewards through task completion.

Joining and Earning on

To initiate your journey toward earning on, you need to kick off by creating an account. Upon successful account creation, you’ll start as a Level 0 participant, often referred to as an “Intern.” At this initial level, there’s no requirement to deposit funds, and you have the opportunity to complete up to 5 tasks daily, earning 500 naira in total (with each task valued at 100 naira).

However, to unlock greater earning potential and perform more tasks each day, you’ll need to progress to higher levels by upgrading. offers a total of 10 levels, each requiring a security deposit for an upgrade.

BBH Earning Structure

LevelSecurity DepositTask QuantityPrice UnitDaily WagesMonthly WagesAnnual Wages
P 115000510050015000182500
P 23003010100100030030365000
P 9240000004002500100000030000000365000000

Understanding the Levels

  • Intern: Interns start without a deposit and can complete 5 tasks daily, each yielding 100 NGN. This sums up to 500 NGN daily. They can engage in this for four days during their internship.
  • P 1: Participants at this level need to deposit 15,000 NGN. They complete 5 tasks daily, earning 100 NGN per task. This equates to 500 NGN daily, 15,000 NGN monthly, and 182,500 NGN annually.
  • P 2: Progressing to P2 requires a 30,030 NGN deposit. With 10 tasks daily, each task valued at 100 NGN, participants can earn 1,000 NGN daily, 30,030 NGN monthly, and 365,000 NGN annually.
  • (Similar breakdowns for P3 to P9)
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Harnessing Referral Rewards offers the opportunity to earn significantly through its referral program. When you refer someone to the platform, you receive a commission. Each level brings different rewards for successful referrals:

  • For P1: You earn 1800 NGN for a referral reaching P1, with lesser amounts for referrals at lower levels.
  • For P2: Referring someone to P2 yields 3000 NGN, with diminishing amounts for referrals at lower levels.

This pattern continues across various levels, and these referral rewards are part of the platform’s management fee structure. Furthermore, your earnings are amplified as you assist others in advancing to higher levels.’s Legitimacy

While showcases itself as a potential money-making avenue, it’s vital to approach with discernment. The platform exhibits characteristics often associated with Ponzi schemes. The need to continually refer others to maintain the operation raises concerns about its long-term sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is a legitimate platform? No, carries the traits of a Ponzi scheme. Users should be cautious and understand the risks.
  2. How do the different levels on work? Each level requires a security deposit and offers a specific number of tasks daily, each with its own associated earnings.
  3. Can I earn solely through referrals on Yes, referrals can be a significant source of earnings, but the platform encourages task completion for greater income potential.
  4. Are the higher levels on more profitable? Yes, progressing to higher levels increases your earning potential, as tasks and rewards become more lucrative.
  5. Is there a time limit on the validity of tasks and levels on Tasks and levels typically have a validity period of one year.
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