Friends That Changes Boyfriend Like Water – Beautygoddess to Sophia

In a viral Tiktok video, Beautygoddess has been under several funny reactions in the comment section for asking friends that changes boyfriend like water if they belong to any cult group.

Some people assume that she was talking to Sophia, simply because Sophia just recently had a new boyfriend.

There are some people comments:

@@precious love 💜🌹: i no go rest for this app again 🤣🤣🤣 once I want to check comment…the up top we wrote …”sofeya new boyfriend 🤣🤣

@favour: @Joy🦋 ur own too much and u Sabi cry join🌚😂

@chizzybabe33: nah myself I go tag 😅😅😅😅 witch hazel for moving on 😂

@Favour 💕: 😂😂😂no time to heal please
@Tz🥂E🌹f💕e🖇️t📜o❤️b💋r🥂e🦋: but why my search bar dey show:sofeya new boyfriend 😂🤷

@Juliet ❤️😊: @Sofeya🦋❤️🌹💯 I really love u but this 😏
@Loner🥺💔😩: @Cutest💐💍__snicth🥀🥺 which cult u de guy ?😹
@Steph Annie: I thought it was kayin 😅

Watch the video below:


😂😂😂 #beeautygoddess

♬ original sound – TY BABY😍💰🇳🇬




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