Meet the 11-Year-Old Black Girl Mechanic Who Repairs Motorcycles

Meet 11-year-old Susanna Adjakie-Apekor, a remarkable young girl from Ghana with a passion for fixing motorcycles. Despite her young age, she has already mastered the art of repairing motorcycles, handling tasks like fixing crankshafts and brakes, and changing chains and sprockets.


Susanna’s journey into the world of mechanics began at the age of 3, inspired by her father, Amudu. When her father, a busy mechanic, complained about his hectic schedule, she decided to roll up her sleeves and dive into the world of motorcycle repairs. With her mom’s approval, she moved in with her dad to become a skilled mechanic.

Now, at age 11, Susanna said she can confidently guide anyone through fixing motorcycles effortlessly, according to BBC News. Initially, her father had doubts about how fast she’d catch on and feared she might just struggle.

But Susanna quickly proved him wrong, showcasing her excellent skills and determination to improve where needed.

Despite her busy schedule as a class 3 student, Susanna manages to balance her academic commitments with her passion for mechanics. After school, she heads straight to the workshop to continue honing her skills.

But her ambitions don’t stop at motorcycles. She dreams of tackling bigger vehicles like cars, boats, and even airplanes in the future. She also has her sights set on opening her very own shop someday.

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