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Since its inception in May 2011, the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) has been undergoing a sustained and rapid transformation in order to improve its service delivery and meaningfully contribute to South Africa’s economic and developmental requirements.

CIPC has come a long way since its days as an administrative organisation with little or no regulatory focus; a nearly exclusively manual, paper-based process that resulted in the capture of errors and the loss of documents; and an institution beset by an obsolete and unreliable ICT infrastructure and ICT governance.

Upgrades to the organisation’s ICT infrastructure and the introduction of new and improved online services for company registration, name reservations, annual returns, director and member changes, financial year-end changes, and trademark, patent, design, and copyright in film applications have contributed significantly to the modernisation of the organisation.

CIPC intends to digitise all of its business processes in order to ensure transactional simplicity, swiftness, and 24/7 global accessibility. Self-service terminals (SSTs) have been implemented in Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Cape Town, providing an opportunity for service delivery as they offer automated services attached to biometric verification of transacting parties. A dedicated division for publicly traded companies was established in 2014.

CIPC has continued its collaboration efforts with major banks such as FNB, ABSA, and STD bank, as well as essential partners such as SARS, TRANSNET, and DHA, in order to provide more integrated services and a wider range of channels for easing the process of conducting business. As a collaboration partner of InvestSA, CIPC is also pleased to host a One-Stop-Investment-Centre for foreign investors.

The CIPC has collaborated with banking institutions in an effort to offer one stop and seamless transactional experience with the following banks:

  • Absa
  • First National Bank
  • Mercantile Bank [Capitec]
  • Nedbank
  • Sasfin Bank
  • Standard Bank

Upon successful company registration, or during the registration process, a customer can select a bank of their choice from the drop-down list and their information will be sent to the bank in question. The selected bank will then contact the customer for the business bank account opening.

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Click on the “APPLY” button below to apply for a bank account with a bank of your choice.

If you are a registered CIPC customer, you can proceed to login using your 13-digit South African ID number and your CIPC password.
If you are new to CIPC services, please register using your ID number.

* Please note that you might be asked verification questions related to your ID or that of your marital partner. Marital partner is the legally married partner, as per the Marriage Act.

Customers who would like to login but do not have South African ID numbers can now login using their CIPC customer code. Select “NO” on the question below the login form to use a customer code, instead of an ID number. If you don’t have a CIPC customer code, then you can register for one on

Account TypeTransmission Account
Account NameCIPC
Account Number4055 68 1017
Branch NameVan der Walt Street
Payment Reference:Your six-character customer code
  • IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the correct customer code is used as a reference when depositing money.
  • Please note:  Cheques as payment method has been discontinued.

In an effort to continuously improve our customer service offering, the CIPC has made the strategic decision to phase out the current Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment platform, where customers frequently make bulk deposits into a customer code and transactions are deducted as and when a service is used.

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On December 5, 2022, the CIPC will only accept debit/credit card payments for transactions on its electronic platforms; however, EFTs and declining balances will still be accepted for manual transactions. Nota bene: Annex A contains a list of all transactions conducted on CIPC electronic platforms.

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The rationale for phasing out the current payment method is as follows:

• It is an effort to improve the CIPC’s turnaround times and customer experience;

• To eliminate delays in the allocation of funds due to incorrect referencing;

• To eliminate bulk deposits that are typically not used for a specific time period;

• To avoid the risk of violating the Banks Act 1990, as the CIPC cannot continue to hold the money in its account indefinitely. Each consumer is responsible for his or her own payment management.

In light of the number of transactions and customers that the CIPC services, it is neither cost-effective for the CIPC nor expedient for the customers.

The CIPC would like to encourage its customers to take advantage of this opportunity and begin using the existing balance in their accounts rather than making additional deposits.

Once the CIPC communicates the discontinuation of the EFT/declining balance method of payment, no extension will be granted to customers to use their account balances. All remaining balances will be refunded to the individual or organization that made the payment.
The dti Campus (Block F – Entfutfukweni), 77 Meintjies Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria l Pretoria, 0001 P.O. Box 429
Contact Centre: 086 100 2472 Website:


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To request a refund, proceed as follows:
1. Navigate to and select Enquiries, or use the following link:
2. Enter your customer number and password
Select Finance and Refunds. Attach the following documents to the ticket as ONE ATTACHMENT:
• Confirmation of banking information by the corresponding bank
• Proof of deposits • Certified copy of the customer’s identification document (ID)
• Written and signed letter, requesting for a refund
Customers are encouraged to view their account statements on a regular basis on our website by following the steps below
• Visit
• Log in to the e-services website with your customer code and password • Click on Transact in the top-right menu and then on Customer transactions • Select either “Card payment transactions” or “Other transactions” to obtain your statement

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Payment Options

The following payment options exist: Real-time transfer (only for annual returns and authorised share changes)

  • Customers can use debit and/or credit card for payment of annual returns  and authorised share changes transactions ONLY
  • Only 3D secure enabled cards will be accepted.
  • Only Visa  and  Master cards are accepted

Direct or electronic deposit (EFT)

  •  ABSA bank
    • You need to quote your customer code
    • The deposited amount will be reflected within one hour of being deposited
  • Any other bank
    • Allow 2-3 working days for funds to be allocated. Customers are strongly advised to deposit money at  ABSA,  as such ensures that the deposited money is reflected in the customer’s account within an hour.
    • Customers need to inquire from their financial Institutions on special clearance fee to enable the deposits to reflect within an hour upon deposit.
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How to view account statements online

Follow these steps to view your account statement online:

  • Visit
  • Log in using your customer code and password
  • Click on “Transact” in the main menu
  • Then click on “Customers Transactions”

How to request for Refunds

If a customer paid money into the CIPC account, and later, a refund is requested, the following is required:

  • Submit your request, together with the following by logging a ticket on QRS
  • Certified ID document of the owner of the customer code
  • Proof of payment
  • Bank details on bank letterhead or bank stamp
  • Letter signed by account holder indicating the reason for the refund, the amount and customer code

Refunds will be processed within 30 working days upon receipt of a request for refund, provided all the required documentation is submitted.

CIPC Contact Details

PostalPO Box 429, Pretoria, 0001
PhysicalThe dti Campus, Entfutfukweni, Block F, 77 Meintjies Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria, 0002
Tel086 100 2472 / 012 394 9573
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