Cute girly – Beauty goddess

She has always been that cute and adorable kid that everyone loves, and this has continued throughout her life. Beauty Goddess speaks Igbo tribe, and they are from the southeast region of Nigeria. She was born in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Her Real Name
Chisom is her Igbo name, while her full name is Chisom Merry John. She recently shared an update with all of her followers on Tiktok, in which she revealed her Igbo name. Her stage name is Beauty Goddess.

Beauty Goddess Biography And Net Worth, Real Name, John Merry, Age, State, Tribe

Education Background

She has completed the requirements for graduation from high school and is now pursuing her goals at the university level. Despite the fact that there is no information regarding the school that she attends.


Age | Date of Birth
Tiktok star John Merry, better known by her stage name Beauty Goddess, is a major star in Nigeria. She is currently 22 years old, and her birthday is May 4th, 2001.

Beauty Goddess Biography And Net Worth, Real Name, John Merry, Age, State, Tribe, Boyfriend, Parents, Religion


Where Is Beauty Goddess From | State of Origin
John Merry, also known as Beauty Goddess, is originally from Southeast zone part of Nigeria as well as Accra in Ghana. John Merry is known as a Igbo girl.

John Merry, also known as Beauty Goddess, is a dual citizen of Nigeria and Ghana, because Beauty Goddess’s parents are from Nigeria and Ghana, she is able to have citizenship in both countries.

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Parents | Relatives
Popular TikTok creator John Merry announced on her Instagram story that her younger sister had passed away on October 31st. It is sad news for her and her family. [1]

There is no lots of information available at this time regarding Beauty’s parents and siblings. The majority of the specifics regarding her private life are kept hidden from the general public.


It has been speculated that she is romantically involved with another Tiktok Star named SOFTMADEIT. While wishing Softy a happy birthday in her most recent post on Facebook, she acknowledged that she loves him very much and stated that she is thankful for him.


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