Does Walmart Accept Afterpay or Klarna? Buy Now, Pay Later Services 2023

Walmart has established itself as the world’s greatest retailer. Walmart, with nearly 4,800 stores in the United States alone, provides a vast selection of reasonably priced goods, including groceries, clothing, electronics, and home goods. In general, its prices are lower than those of other retailers.

Walmart’s decision to switch alternative payment methods has affected millions of customers. For instance, prior to the 2021 holiday season, Walmart eliminated its layaway programme and substituted purchase now, pay later services as an alternative payment option.

60 percent of 2,005 customers surveyed in a recent study utilised purchase now, pay later options, making it a popular option. Therefore, it makes sense for Walmart and other significant retailers, such as Amazon and Target, to offer payment plans.

Read on to learn how to utilise buy now, pay later at Walmart, the companies it partners with, and the types of items that can be purchased with an installment plan.

Is Walmart Compatible with Afterpay?

As of 2021, Walmart no longer accepts Afterpay. Walmart offers alternative Buy now, pay later payment options, such as Affirm, PayPal Pay in 4, Klarna, and Zip. (formerly QuadPay.)

Walmart utilises Klarna, PayPal Pay in 4, and Zip to allow customers to pay in 4 to 6 weeks, while Affirm allows customers to pay in 3 to 24 month installments.

In addition, CareCredit provides a purchase now, pay later option for your health and personal needs. In-store purchases of prescription medications, pet medications, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, infant formula, body care, baby books, diapers, optical frames and lenses, and hair products are eligible for special financing through CareCredit.

What Purchase Now, Pay Later Options Does Walmart Accept?

As purchase now, pay later payment options, Walmart accepts Klarna, Zip, PayPal Pay in 4, and Affirm. Walmart has resolved to end its layaway programme. Other major retailers are adopting the new alternative installment plan programmes as they acquire popularity.

Depending on the purchase amount, Walmart’s buy now, pay later programme allows consumers to purchase items immediately and pay for them over 3, 6, 12, 18, or 24 months.

What Items Can I Purchase with Buy Now, Pay Later at Walmart?

The Walmart buy now, pay later programme allows customers to purchase most items in-store and online.

Walmart offers a variety of buy-now, pay-later products, including the ones listed below.

  • Tools and equipment, water filtration, and construction materials for excavating contractors
  • Electronics: televisions, computers, cameras, heavy-gauge extension cords, audio, good vehicle door speakers, speaker cables, ink cartridge refills, cell phones, and a portable FM radio for drive-in movie viewing.
  • Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Amazon Fire Stick
  • Arts and Crafts: Crafting, decals, sewing, DIY
  • Home furnishings include a steam mop, air fryer, Roomba, and linens.
  • Earrings, moissanite engagement rings, timepieces, and costume jewellery are types of jewellery.
  • Drills, screwdrivers, as well as gas-powered or electric instruments
  • All adult, youth, and infant apparel
  • Dolls, hobby toys, bikes, Disney toys, puzzles, stuffed creatures are examples of toys.
  • The following are examples of infant items: a car seat, baby clothes, and toys
    The musical instruments include pianos, guitars, and speakers.
  • Sports and Outdoors: Sprinting treadmill with a curved deck, backpacks, kayaks for less than $200, tent, shoe-mounted pedometer
  • Automotive: 12v winch batteries, auto electronics, motorcycle lubrication and tyre replacement

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What items cannot be purchased with Buy Now, Pay Later at Walmart?

There are certain items at Walmart that cannot be financed with installment installments. The following products and services are not eligible for the Walmart purchase now, pay later programme:

  • Provisions and Food
  • Infant Consumables
  • Wellness, Personal Care Pharmacy, and Health
  • Pet Supplies
  • Plans for Wireless Services
  • 1-hour Photographic Alcohol
  • Gasoline and kerosene merchandise at the register Stamps, duplicate keys, and other miscellaneous items
  • Cash Services
  • Temporary Specialty Merchandise
  • Wheel alignment – Automotive Services
  • Tobacco Rental Services: Rentals of carpet cleaners
  • Arms, ammunition, air rifles, gun accessories, and hunting equipment
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How Does Walmart’s Buy Now, Pay Later Program Operate?

Affirm allows Walmart consumers to spread out their financial obligations over up to 24 months at variable interest rates. Select Affirm as your payment option and register for an installment loan at

For in-store Walmart purchases, you must first enrol at, select a payment plan, and scan the provided barcode at the register. Then, based on your payment plan, you will make online payments to Affirm.

Walmart accepts Zip pay (formerly QuadPay), Klarna, and PayPal Pay in 4 as alternative payment methods for consumers with a payment timeline between 4 and 6 weeks. In addition, Walmart offers purchase now, pay later services to customers both online and in-store.

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How to Use Affirm in-Store and Online at Walmart?

Affirm enables you to apply for an installment loan on Walmart purchases. Once the loan has been approved and placed onto your virtual card, you can pay for eligible Walmart products in-store or online.

Additionally, Affirm offers three- to 24-month payment plans with interest rates spanning from 0% to 30% APR. At the register, you will scan a one-time barcode to use your approved Affirm funds for in-store purchases.

Affirm will be repaid for your Walmart purchases. You can make a payment via the Affirm website or mobile app. Affirm accepts debit cards, ACH transfers from checking accounts, and checks sent through the mail.

What Credit Score is Required for Walmart Affirm?

A credit score of 640 or higher is recommended to register for an Affirm loan. However, Affirm will accept credit scores as low as 600 for approval.

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The best method to get approved for Affirm is to make on-time payments on all outstanding debt and have no more than six active loan inquiries at any given time.

How do you Pay Affirm Interest at Walmart?

Users make interest payments to Affirm for Walmart purchases. The payments are made through the Affirm app, website, or by mailing a check. You can pay your Affirm installments with a debit card, direct deposit from your bank account, or a personal check.

The APR for installment payments ranges between 10% and 30% based on your credit score and eligibility evaluation. Affirm may also require a down payment to be made via credit card, debit card, or ACH from a bank account.

Walmart does not charge interest for Affirm alternatives such as Zip, Klarna, and PayPal Pay 4. However, consider that you will be charged interest if you choose Affirm as an alternative to layaway.

How to Use Klarna in-Store and Online at Walmart?

Walmart accepts Klarna as an alternative to layaway because it allows for four interest-free payments to be made every two weeks. In addition, Affirm does not conduct a credit check. Klarna has no annual or membership fees, multiple repayment options, and can be used at any US retailer that accepts debit or credit cards.

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Walmart Online Shopping with Klarna

  • Install the Klarna App: Install the Klarna app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Browse Walmart: In the Klarna app, look for Walmart.
  • Buy Online: Place your Walmart purchases in the shopping trolley.
  • Click the “Pay with K” icon at the bottom of the app during checkout.
  • Make Payments: Make four Klarna payments every two weeks without interest to pay off your Walmart purchase.

Klarna is a Walmart Store payment option.

  • Install the Klarna App: Install the Klarna app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Browse Walmart: In the Klarna app, look for Walmart.
  • Create a one-time Klarna credit card that can be used at Walmart. Because
  • Walmart does not accept Apple Pay or Google Pay, you must connect your credit card to the Walmart app. Additionally, the one-time Klarna credit card expires in 24 hours, so register as soon as possible.
  • Make Payments: Make four Klarna payments every two weeks without interest to pay off your Walmart purchase.
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The procedure is even more straightforward than the now-defunct Walmart layaway programme.

How Do I Use Zip Pay in-Store and Online at Walmart?

In its purchase now, pay later program, Walmart accepts Zip pay, formerly QuadPay. Zip is an alternative to Walmart layaway that does not require a credit check. Instead, consumers pay 25% upfront and the remainder in four installments over six weeks. It is accepted everywhere Visa is accepted.

To use Zip pay at and in-store, follow these steps:

How to Shop online at Walmart with Zip

  • Download Zip App: Install the Zip application for Android and iOS.
    Browse Walmart: In the Zip app, search for Walmart.
  • Buy Online: Place your Walmart purchases in the shopping trolley.
  • Pay: Click the “Pay with Zip” icon at the bottom of the app during checkout.
  • Complete Payment: Verify that the payment corresponds with the order to complete the transaction.
  • Make Payments: Pay for your Walmart purchase with four interest-free Zip payments over six weeks.

How to Shop using Zip

  • Download Zip App: Install the Zip application for Android and iOS.
    Select in-store payment and the amount you wish to spend.
  • Consider and approve your six-week payment schedule.
  • Create In-Store Card: The application will generate a Zip credit card number and
  • CVC code. The credit card can then be uploaded to Apple Wallet or Google Pay for easy access.
  • Hold your phone up to the contactless payment reader at the register or self-checkout to use your Zip pay credit card to make purchases at Walmart.
  • Make Payments: Pay for your Walmart purchase with four interest-free Zip payments over six weeks.

How Do I Use PayPal Pay 4 in-Store and Online at Walmart?

The PayPal Pay in 4 feature enables installment payments from a PayPal account when purchasing at Walmart and millions of other online retailers. Similar to Zip and Klarna, there is no credit verification and no effect on credit score. In addition, the purchase now, pay later service allows you to pay in four installments without incurring late fees.

To use PayPal Pay 4 at and in-store, please follow these steps:

  • Buy Online: Shop at and add items to your cart.
  • Choose PayPal: At checkout, select PayPal. Then, select “Pay Later,” then “Pay in 4.”
  • The purchase now, pay later service will make a decision within seconds.
  • First Payment: If approved, the first of four payments will be made to complete the purchase.
  • Make Payments: Pay off your Walmart purchase by making three additional interest-free PayPal payments every two weeks.


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