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John Merry Beauty Goddess is not yet a university graduate. She is still an undergraduate at the University.

John Merry Gender: Is John Merry a boy or a girl? John Merry aka Beauty Goddess is female.

Beauty Goddess Tiktok Real Name: The real name of Beauty Goddess is John Merry or Merry John.

John Merry Nationality, Country Of Origin: Which Country is Beauty Goddess from? John Merry aka Beauty Goddess is a Nigerian and a Ghanaian. Beauty Goddess has dual citizenship as her parents are from Nigeria and Ghana.



Is Beauty Goddess a Nigerian? Yes, Beauty Goddess is a Nigerian. She is also a Ghanaian. She has dual citizenship as one of her parents is from Nigeria while the other is from Ghana.

Beauty Goddess State Of Origin, Hometown, Tribe: Which state is John Merry from? John Merry aka Beauty Goddess hails from South East State in Nigeria and Accra Ghana.

John Merry Beauty Goddess is Igbo by tribe.

Pictures of Beauty Goddess in Igbo custome, dancing to Igbo cultural song

Beauty Goddess shared a video of her dancing Igbo Cultural tune ‘Egedege’ on her Instagram page and her fans and followers couldn’t get enough of her.

Beauty Goddess Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: John Merry Beauty Goddess was born on 4 May 2001.

John Merry Tiktok Age: How old is Beauty Goddess from Tiktok? John Merry aka Beauty Goddess is currently 20 years old.

Beauty Goddess will celebrate her 21st birthday on 4th May 2022.

Beauty Goddess Also Known as John Merry Birthday Photoshoot 2022



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Beauty Goddess celebrates her 21st birthday with gorgeous new makeup photos on her Instagram page which got her fans taking.





Softmadeit Snubs Beauty Goddess On Her Birthday

Beauty Goddess’ rumoured boyfriend and colleague, Soft Made It refused to celebrate her on her birthday with a post on his Instagram page, thus sparking breakup rumors.


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