Easy Steps To Apply And Study In Germany 2023

Step-by-step application and enrollment procedure in Germany.

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Here are the subjects I will discuss:
A.) Admission requirements B.) University application
C.) Visa application D.) Scholarship opportunities in Germany

A.) Admission Requirements
In the DAAD database, you can search for your selected course of study. This database contains the essential admission requirements for every program.

In the DAAD database, some courses are not indexed. Therefore, you can conduct more searches on Google if your desired course is not found in the database. Type the terms “Agronomy Master English Germany” as an example.

In Germany, the vast majority of universities are tuition-free, with the exception of universities in the state of Baden Wurttemberg, which implemented a tiny tuition fee of approximately 1,500 euros in 2017.

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Some Universities who now need tuition fees are: •Universitat Freiburg •Universitat Stuttgart •Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg •Universitat Konstanz •Karlsruher Institut für Technologie •Universitat Mannheim •Eberhard Karls Universitat •Universitat Ulm

You can thus exclude these universities from your search results unless you are willing to pay the minimal tuition price. In addition, every student must pay an enrollment fee for amenities such as the cafeteria, transportation, library, etc. This is between 100 and 500 euros.

Basic prerequisites are:
Bachelor’s degree: SSCE = preparatory course is necessary in Germany.
SSCE plus 100 level result = direct admittance to university
HND/OND = university entry directly
Some Universities require the SAT as well.

Master degree: Bachelor degree with high grades

PhD degree: Doctoral and postdoctoral admission requirements in Germany differ slightly; if there is sufficient interest, I may provide additional information. In the meantime, you can view my essay on research financing at this link: How do I obtain a full scholarship to do a PhD in Germany/Sweden/Finland/Denmark?

Other qualifications include English competence, which can be demonstrated by passing regular English tests or by receiving a letter from your school stating that you were taught in English. Some universities may additionally demand a cover letter or curriculum vitae.

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B.) Applying For Admission To College
There are two ways to apply to university, depending on the institution.
No application costs are necessary if you apply directly to the university.
Apply through Uniassist. Pay 75 euros for the initial course and 30 euros for each additional course.
How to register online

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Some universities, however, have already paid the fees to Uniassist on your behalf. Free master’s degrees are available at these universities:
University of Frankfurt Goethe
Gelsenkirchen University Technische Universitat Berlin
College of Potsdam
The Philipps University of Marburg
HfWU Nuertlingen-Geislingen Uni

You submit your application to uni-assist. Your university application is evaluated by them. After a favorable evaluation, your application is automatically sent to colleges. The University then makes a decision on your admission and notifies you of its decision.

The following dates often apply to university courses in Germany:
December 15 for the winter semester.
July 15 for the summer semester.

You can obtain information about the precise deadlines for your desired course from the institution of your choosing. During the application process, you may be required to attest your documents. You can have your documents certified in a variety of methods, including by the issuing university, the ministry of education, the German consulate, and a notary public.

C.) Visa Application
The number of Nigerians wishing to study in Germany has skyrocketed in recent years. As a result, the German embassy in Lagos is overburdened and has established new criteria for visa applications.
Credit to @uniwritercons as I first spotted this information on his Twitter feed.

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All applicants who meet one of the following requirements may register for the “A” list of priority applicants:
1. You hold a TestAS certificate with a score between 100 and 130 (for bachelor study)
You are proficient in German at the B2 level

3. You have recently received an upper bachelor’s degree with a first-class or second-class grade
You are a recipient of a scholarship from Germany or Europe.
All other candidates must register on the “B-list.”
See additional details here: Visas for Students, Researchers, and Language Course

One of the most crucial requirements for visa applications is the availability of around 10,000 euros or 4,000,000 Naira. Numerous individuals become disheartened at this point because the amount looks excessive. I will provide some choices for you.

1. Borrow the funds and be prepared to work student jobs and save as much money as possible to survive in Germany. You can then refund the funds safely by withdrawing them from the barred account.

This has the potential to distract you and interfere with your study.

Find a relative or friend residing in Germany who can sponsor you. These individuals must earn a particular minimum wage and be ready to complete the extensive paperwork on your behalf.

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Locate a scholarship. When I arrived to Germany, I was fortunate to receive a scholarship, and I received much more to pay my education without the need for additional work. Although it is difficult, you can accomplish it if you are determined. I will one day write about my scholarship experience.

D.) Potential Scholarship Opportunities
I would like to emphasize that studying tuition-free in Germany is already a form of partial scholarship available to all students. To obtain a stipend scholarship, however, you must demonstrate academic distinction.

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Some universities provide limited scholarships, but you must diligently explore the university’s website for such information. Master’s scholarship at Goethe University is an example.

DAAD is Germany’s largest scholarship resource.
DAAD Scholarship for German Postgraduate Students
You must have a minimum of two years of professional experience and demonstrate that your motive is development-oriented and socially meaningful.
DAAD Fellowship

Oil and gas master’s degree fellowships for Nigerians
This scholarship is offered in conjunction with PTDF Masters scholarships in oil and gas.

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Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Scholarships for International Students
Eligibility: German proficiency at the B2 level and no more than 30 years of age
Konrad Adeneur scholarship

Bayer Foundation Academic Award
This scholarship allows students and recent graduates to travel to Germany for an internship, master’s thesis research, or other type of study.
The scholarship covers science, medical, agriculture, and education disciplines.
Bayer Foundation Academic Award

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So this concludes the procedure.
Request admission -> Receive an offer of admission –> Schedule a visa interview at the embassy –> Fund your blocked account or submit a scholarship application –> Apply for visa – Prepare for your trip to Germany

As stated previously, I chose not to discuss research, doctorate, and postdoctoral scholarships in this thread to avoid making it too lengthy. We can, however, do this another time.

Only those who are committed and determined are likely to make it through this extensive application process. I wish you the best of luck as you begin the application process!!!

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