Easy Steps To HDFC NetBanking Registration and Activation


The HDFC Bank is one of India’s largest private sector institutions, providing a vast array of financial products and services. The net banking platform of HDFC Bank enables customers to access their bank accounts and conduct a variety of online transactions from the convenience of their homes or offices.

HDFC Bank NetBanking enables you to conduct a variety of transactions from anywhere and at any time. After registering for NetBanking, you can conduct more than 200 transactions without visiting the bank.

NetBanking registration is provided to all HDFC Bank consumers by default. If you have not yet registered, you can do so now for free. In this article, Finwealthonline will discuss the necessary procedures for registering for HDFC net banking.

Benefits of Using HDFC Credit Card

  • Attractive Reward Points
  • Revolving credit facility
  • Convenient utility bill payment
  • Register for SmartPay & get a Lifetime Free Credit Card. Not applicable on Co Brands, Infinia, Diners Black , Jet Black

NetBanking Registration Via ATM

Here’s how you can register for NetBanking through an HDFC ATM

Step1: Go to the nearest HDFC Bank ATM

Step2: Enter HDFC Bank Debit Card number and ATM PIN

Step3: Select Other Option from main screen

Step4: Select NetBanking Registration and click on Confirm

Step5: PIN for NetBanking will be couriered to you


NetBanking Registration Via Online

Resident customers: Here’s how you can register for NetBanking online if you are a customer with Indian mobile number registered with the bank

Step1: Enter Customer ID

Step2: Confirm registered mobile number

Step3: Input OTP (One Time Password) which you have received on your mobile

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Step4: Select and input Debit card details

Step5: Set your IPIN

Step6: Login to NetBanking using the newly set IPIN.

NOTE: Non-resident customers; if you are a non-resident customer and have an international mobile number registered with the bank, please click here.

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NetBanking Registration Via PhoneBanking

Here’s how you can register for NetBanking through PhoneBanking

Step1: Call the PhoneBanking number in your city and give your Customer ID and Telephone Identification Number (TIN) or Debit Card and PIN

Step2: Our PhoneBanking agent will take your NetBanking registration request

Step3: The IPIN will be couriered to your mailing address in our records within five days

NetBanking Registration Via HFDC Bank Branch

Here’s how you can register for NetBanking by visiting your nearest HDFC Bank branch

Step1: Download the NetBanking registration form (individual or corporate)

Step2: Fill in the form and submit it to your nearest HDFC Bank branch

Step3: The IPIN will be couriered to your mailing address in our records


How to Easily Activate NetBanking?

Some banks issue a customer ID when you open an account, while others allow you to create a user ID when you activate a net banking account. To activate a net banking account, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the bank’s website
  • Click on the ‘login’ or ‘register’ button
  • Enter required account information, such as the account number, mobile number, branch code, and CIF number
  • Click the ‘submit’ button
  • Verify your identity by entering the OTP sent to your registered mobile number
  • Create a user ID and password
  • Re-enter your net banking credentials to start using the bank’s online services

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Considerations when activating Net Banking

Remember the following when utilizing a bank’s online banking services:

  • Be prepared to use your ATM or debit card during the activation of online banking, as it may be required.
  • For account verification, enter your registered mobile number, as the OTP will be sent to this number.
  • Keep your passbook and checkbook handy in the event that you need to provide your CIF, branch code, account number, or other information.
  • Share neither your account information nor your Internet banking credentials with anyone.
  • Create a secure password containing special characters.
  • Immediately contact the bank if you suspect malicious activity on your account.
  • Do not disclose account information, passwords, or online banking credentials via email or telephone.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi and public computers to access your online banking.

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The net banking platform of HDFC Bank offers customers a convenient and secure method to access their bank accounts online and conduct a variety of transactions.

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By following the steps outlined above, you can quickly register for HDFC net banking and begin utilizing its numerous features and services. Never forget to safeguard your user ID, password, and transaction password, and never share them with anyone.


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