I’ve been a fashionista from small – beauty goddess

John Merry TikTok, popular as beauty goddess on tiktok. We are excited to share with you some details about beauty goddess who is popularly known for her random TikTok videos.

Beauty goddess on TikTok is a star, content creator, and her fashion style is so overwhelming. She’s a verified tiktoker who is outstanding with her body and beauty. She is partly Nigerian and partly Ghanian.


She’s one of the Top 10 Richest/successful Tiktok influencers in Nigeria 2022. She attracted a lot of followers on TikTok through the short vids of her beautiful tone. After winning some TikTok challenges which attracted some cash, she has been promoting songs for artists on her TikTok handle where she has over 2.6M followers and known as @beeautygoddess on tiktok.

Beauty goddess is also famous on Instagram with over 376 thousand follower. She’s known on Instagram as: beeauty_goddess

Beauty Goddess is a fashionista. She dresses well and wears nice clothes of brands she promotes on Instagram.

Some of her shoes, bags, jeans, trousers, covers, hair, and makeup are grounded on paid hookups with the brands to promote them on social media. She also likes nose rings too.

Many more Information about her private life has not been made known to the public but she is believed to be in a relationship with a famous tiktoker, Softmadeit.


Pulse Tiktok also awarded beauty as an influencer of the year 2021. She has signed deals with some brands and is a brand ambassador for some products. She attracted millions of followers through the short videos of herself.

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She has been supporting and promoting songs for different artists after winning some dance challenges and cash prizes. Some of her shoes, bags, jeans, trousers and makeup are based on paid associations with the brands to promote them on social media.




Who are beauty goddess Parent? John Merry aka Beauty Goddess was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. John. One of her parents is from Nigeria, while the other is from Ghana.


Instagram: @beauty_ goddesx


Beauty Goddess net worth as at the time this article was published is estimated to be $180,000 (One hundred and eighty thousand dollars) which she made from her career as a media influencer.

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