High Paying Scholarships In Germany 2024

This describes you if you are looking for a master’s or doctoral scholarship in Germany and can speak or are learning German. There are opportunities to apply for scholarships in Germany to pay your study. You can only apply to a university after receiving admission.

Typically, it is easier to apply for funding for the second semester/year of your studies in Germany after you have begun your program. Therefore, you can come to Germany, learn basic German in the first year, then apply for the scholarship in the second.

Naturally, it is feasible to apply before arriving in Germany if you have a basic command of the German language. In addition to proficiency in German, the majority of these awards demand social or voluntary activity. So your community development duty while NYSC is already a valuable experience, but so are your university extracurricular activities.

Other examples of socio-political engagement that can help you obtain a German scholarship include membership in the student council, position as head boy, leadership of international youth camps, membership in the Green Youth, involvement with associations and non-governmental organizations, etc.

Germany Scholarship Possibilities


In 2020, Central Europe, Southeast Asia, the Near East, and Western Africa will be the focal regions. There will be interviews in Budapest, Seoul, Amman, and the capital of a West African nation (may be Lagos).

Master’s and doctoral candidates may apply. PhD candidates may not be required to meet the German language requirement. The deadline for applications is July 5. This is appropriate for someone who already has an acceptance letter for the winter semester of 2020. Apply below: Scholarships for a Master’s or Doctorate degree in Germany

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If you are already living or studying in Germany, you can apply for a scholarship online through the domestic selection program. Please complete the online application form and upload all essential application materials. Please Apply Here: Wie bewerbe ich mich? – Education and CultureKonrad

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Also available is a list of fully-funded scholarship opportunities.


Master’s and doctoral candidates may apply. Even if the course is taught in English, a knowledge of German is required. Master’s students receive approximately 850 euros, while doctoral students receive 1200 euros. The application due dates are 30 April and 31 October.

Apply right now Für die Freiheit. Begabung. Leidenschaft. Mut

Scholarship provided by the Hanns Seidel Foundation
Applicants must be under 32 years of age and demonstrate sociopolitical engagement. A proficiency in the German language is necessary. Masters students get 850 euro per month while PhD students get 1200 euro.

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The Heinrich Boll Scholarship is open to Master’s and doctoral candidates. Even if the course is taught in English, a knowledge of German is required. The application submission date is March 31st.

5.) The Rosa-Luxemburg Award

Master’s and doctoral candidates may apply. Even if the class is taught in English, competency in German is essential. The application deadlines are 1st of April and 1st of October.

Department of Scholarships – Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Scholarship program

The Friedrich Ebert Scholarship is open to Master’s, Doctoral, and even Bachelor’s degree candidates. Language ability in German is required. Anytime for a Ph.D., and prior to or at the commencement of the first semester for a Master’s.

7.) KAAD Fellowship

This is an excellent chance for Christians and Catholics, and the German language is not essential. Apply right now

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(8) DAAD Fellowship

Offcourse You are familiar with the DAAD, but they sponsor just specific master’s degrees and do not require German language proficiency. Check to see if your master’s degree is listed. They sponsor PhD programs without restriction.

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9.) Scholarships Specific to Universities

There are more scholarship opportunities available from universities that do not require knowledge of German. To find these types of scholarships, you must scour the websites of your preferred institutions or speak with the admissions coordinator.

For instance, I received a scholarship to study in Germany by sending an email to the admissions coordinator inquiring about possible scholarships. Fortunately, there was one and I obtained it. My coworkers were astonished, but they did not inquire. So ask ask ask!!!

Applying for these scholarships demands a great deal of perseverance, as you will need to acquire a number of difficult-to-obtain documents (Germans love documents). However, it is worthwhile.
Best wishes as you apply!!!

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