How to Block/Deactivate Access Bank ATM Debit Card In 3 Minutes

In Nigeria, there are different ways to block your Access Bank ATM debit card if it has been lost or stolen.

You can block your Access Bank ATM debit card with a USSD code, a text message, a mobile app, or by calling a special number from another phone. You just pick the option that works best for you.

Find out how to use any of these options and other helpful things in this post.

How to Block an Access Bank ATM Debit Card with USSD Code

You can block your Access Bank debit card quickly by dialing *901*11# and then following the on-screen instructions. You would also need to enter your USSD PIN when you enter this USSD code with the phone number that is linked to your Access bank account. If the information is correct, your ATM card will be blocked right away by Access Bank.

How to Block an ATM Card from Access Bank on the Mobile App

With the Access Bank app, it’s easy to block your ATM card if you lose it or it gets stolen.

Here’s how to block an Access Bank ATM debit card on the mobile app:

Open the Access Bank app for your phone.
Select Cards and Cheques from the Menu.
Choose Cards.
Choose Handle Cards.
After that, pick your Account.
Enter your PIN.
Last, put a stop on your ATM debit card.
Note that you can use the Access mobile app to unblock your Access bank ATM debit card. Just go through the unblocking process again, but this time, at the last step, choose to unblock your Access debit card.

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How to Block an ATM Card from Access Bank on the Mobile App

How to Call Access Bank to Block an ATM Card
You can quickly block your ATM debit card by calling 07003000000, which is the customer service number for Access Bank. This phone number, along with other ways to contact customer service, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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How to Use Another Phone to Block an Access Bank ATM Card


Sometimes you might want to block your ATM card because you lost something important, like your phone. So, a quick solution would be to use someone else’s phone to turn off your ATM debit card.

Call the Access Bank customer service number from another phone to block your ATM debit card from Access Bank. If you call 07003000000, 01-2802500, or 01-2712005-7, a customer service representative will help you block your card.

There are other online and offline ways to block an Access Bank ATM card.
You could also block your Access Bank ATM card online through social media sites. Send Access Bank a message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and a customer service rep will help you figure out how to block your ATM debit card.

You can also block your Access ATM card with WhatsApp Banking, which works like a chat or short message service (SMS). The Access bank Whatsapp number is +2349090901901, which you can save to your phone and use to ask questions or make complaints at any time. You can call this number to get in touch with Access and ask them to block your ATM card.

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Last, you can block your ATM card right away by going to any Access Bank branch. Go to the branch’s customer service desk and ask for a form to cancel your debit card. You can also ask for and get a new Access bank ATM card right there.

How to Prevent Access to a Bank Account

Besides blocking your Access Bank debit card, you could also temporarily block your bank account if you think it might not be safe. One example is if you lost your debit card, phone, or other sensitive information. So, if you block your Access bank account, no one will be able to take money out of it until you figure out what’s going on.

Call *901*911# to close your Access Bank account. Enter this USSD code, then follow the instructions on the screen and type in your PIN. If you follow the steps, First bank USSD mobile banking on your phone will be turned off (Mtn, Glo, Airtel or 9 Mobile). This is helpful if, say, your ATM card is lost or stolen, your account is hacked, or you no longer need this service.

Can I put a hold on my Access Bank ATM card for a short time?

You can temporarily block your Access bank ATM debit card and then unblock it later, for example if you find or recover it.

Using the Access mobile app is a simple way to block your Access bank ATM card for a short time. With this mobile app, it’s easy to put your debit card on hold and take it off hold.

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If you lose or misplace your Access Bank ATM card, you should block it as soon as possible. You can do this through the USSD code, the mobile app, or by getting in touch with customer service online or in person.

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I hope this information is helpful to you. So, give it a try and let me know how it goes by leaving a message in the section below.

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