How To Borrow Money With 9Credit? Creditmesan Loan App, Interest Rate

You’re on the right website if you’re looking for the 9credit customer service phone number, email address, and office address. We’d give you all of their contact information so you could get in touch with their support team for help with any problems you’re having with their services.

Nigerians can get loans from the 9credit loan company, which is also known as creditmesan. Customers can get quick, short-term loans from them that don’t require collateral.

They do most of their business through a mobile app on the Play Store. You have to download the app, make an account, and go through their kyc onboarding process before you can ask for a loan.

The benefits of getting a loan with 9 credit

1. There is no requirement for a credit background.
2. a completely digital and paperless procedure on your mobile device
3. You will have access to your credit around the clock and at any location.
4. A Timely and Effective Application Evaluation
5. Transfer the funds to the account you linked once they have been authorized.
6. Accessible throughout all of Nigeria
7. The amount that can be sanctioned is going to progressively go up as the credit score goes up.
8. A number of convenient choices for making payments


Creditmesan is a relatively new mobile application that allows Nigerians to borrow money for personal use without the requirement of collateral or paperwork. On the Google Play Store, the application has received a variety of ratings and comments, and it has been downloaded by more than 10,000 users. For the most part, it works by employing algorithms to compile information about you, such as your phone number, the specifics of your banking transactions, and your BVN, in order to determine your credit score. After gathering this information, it will be analyzed to figure out whether or not you are qualified to receive a credit. Learn more about how it functions by reading the information that has been provided below.

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The Creditmeasuring Tool Creditmesan Creditmesan

What are the steps I need to take to become a member of Creditmesan and submit an application for a loan?

Simply comply with the following straightforward guidelines in order to sign up and submit an application for this immediate online loan:

1. Before anything else, make sure you download the App.

2. The next step is to establish an account on the platform by providing the platform with some basic information about yourself. For the purposes of authentication, it is in your best interest to use the phone number that you have associated with your BVN.

3. Comply with the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements that are in place. This includes the information about your home location as well as information about your closest living relative.

4. After that, you will need to input your BVN so that they can validate it.

5. After you have finished, the final step is to link your debit card to your account. After that, you can begin the application process for financing.

How do I qualify for a credit through Creditmesan, and what are the requirements?

You are required to meet all of the following conditions in order to be eligible for a quick credit through this service:

1. You must fulfill one of the following two requirements: either you are a citizen of Nigeria or you are an inhabitant of Nigeria.

2. Your age must be at least 18 years old.

3. You need to ensure that you have a reliable and consistent stream of income.

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4. You need to be prepared to connect your active debit or ATM card to your account.

5. Please provide accurate information about two members of your family, including their contact phone numbers.

6. You are not allowed to have any other outstanding loans with any other lending marketplace. 7. Maintain a solid standing with your financial institutions.

8. Ensure that you have a standard bank account that is open and operational.

9. You are required to present an official and current identification card that was provided by the government.

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What is the annual percentage rate (APR) for the Creditmesan Financing Application?

The following is an exhaustive summary of the various interest rates and fees associated with using this loan platform:

1. The quantity of a loan can range anywhere from N 5,000 to N 50,000.

2. The range of interest rates and service fees is between 2% and 35%

3. The maximum annual percentage rate (APR) ranges from 66.21 percent to 2740.44 percent.

4. A late payment fee equal to 8.8 percent of the total amount of your outstanding debt is assessed a single time.

4. The shortest amount of time you have to pay back the debt is 61 days.

5. A maximal repayment period of one hundred eighty days

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What are the repercussions of my failure to repay the debt by the specified date?

If you are delinquent on your credit payments, the platform will assess a daily penalty of 2% of the outstanding balance. As a result, making the repayment prior to the due date is of the utmost significance.

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If you are able to make your payments on time, you may be able to qualify for bigger loans in the future. In addition, defaulting on a loan places a strain on your relationship with the credit bureau. You will not have access to loans from any other lending platform that may be available.

Creditmesan Loan App

Where can I find the Creditmesan loan software to download it?

This application can be downloaded from the Google Play store and nowhere else. This is what you should do:

1. On your mobile device running Android, navigate to the Google Play Store.

2. After that, look for the term “Creditmesan.”

3. Get the loan software and install it on your device.

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What is the best way to get in touch with the CreditMesan lending app?

The following is the contact information for Creditmesan:

Address: No. 60 Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos.

Phone Number: +234 9121540760.

Cash Farm 243 can be reached at [email protected].


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