How To Deactivate Easybuy Security Plugin On Android

This post will demonstrate how to deactivate or remove the Easybuy Security Plugin from any Android device.

Easybuy is one of a number of businesses that arose in response to the continuously declining purchasing power of the average Nigerian and the rising cost of prestige cellphones.

They are a buy-now-pay-later loan company that allows you to acquire phones and make installment payments.

With Simple Buy, you can acquire your desired smartphone for a fraction of the price, with the remaining balance spread over three to six months.


When you purchase a new phone from easybuy, the company assumes a risk by providing you with the product you desire.

To reduce their risk, they install a security plugin app on your new phone to secure it in the event that you default or refuse to pay.

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Typically, the Easybuy Security Plugin is installed in the settings and security section of your phone. This makes it somewhat difficult for a layperson to circumvent.

In addition, it serves as a warning of your impending debt.

If you do not pay, the security component grants Easy buy remote access to your phone and prevents you from using essential applications.

Easybuy Phones and Prices in Nigeria in 2022 can be found here (Tecno, iPhone, infinix, etc)

Once the Security Plugin has been used to lock your phone, you will be unable to use it except for emergency communications. The ability to play music and movies, access the internet, and make phone calls has been disabled.

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How to circumvent, deactivate, or remove the easybuy security plugin

If Easybuy blocks your new phone with their security component, it is because you have refused to pay the remaining balance or violated other terms and conditions agreed upon at the time of purchase. how to deactivate easybuy security plugin on android.

The two methods for deactivating the security component are outlined below.

1. Pay your debt

Paying off your debt is the first and easiest method to remove the easybuy security plugin from your phone. After completing these steps, your phone will be unlocked and you can use it for any purpose.

If, after making payment, you are still unable to delete or deactivate the plugin, you can visit any easybuy shop for assistance.

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2. Consult a phone engineer.

We have witnessed fraudsters purchase phones from Easybuy and then resell them to unsuspecting members of the public without concluding payment.

After the next payment due date, EasyBuy will block the phone using a Security Component, leaving the problem to the new owner.

You can take the phone to any standard phone repair store in your area and request that the technician flash the device if you find yourself in this situation.

Explain to the engineer why you require the flashing of your phone.


Please note that I do not recommend not paying your easybuy debt. Remember that you submitted personal information when purchasing the phone.

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