How To Easily Deactivate Palmpay Ok Card On Warning on Phone (Step-by-Step)

Are you unable to eliminate the Palmpay Ok Card loan repayment reminder from your phone and wish to disable the watermark reminder?

You are in the right place at the right time, as I have also been in your position, and I will tell you everything I know about Palmpay and their Ok Card payment and loan services. My phone was nearly rendered inoperable by Palmpay for a $3000 debt that I believed I had settled. I could make phone calls and receive text messages, but nothing else was possible.

That’s a dreadful situation, but there is a way out, so take a deep breath and follow the steps outlined in this post to be free of the Palmpay Ok Card loan payment. I never utilised them for a loan, but I discovered they partnered with Tecno to launch Tecno Wallets.

How to remove the Palmpay Ok Card security alert from your mobile device

You are receiving a Palmpay Ok Card repayment notice because you own one, even if you have already repaid the balance. If they cannot receive your payment on time due to a delay or error, you will continue to receive a notification on your phone.

However, I care not how you got yourself into such a predicament. My goal is to assist you in regaining access to your phone as soon as feasible. Follow these steps to remove the security component that Palmpay installed on your phone to ensure that they have complete access to your device:

  • Open your phone’s interface, then locate and tap the Palmpay mobile app icon.
  • Once the application is launched, the available services will be displayed. Locate the Ok Card button and select it to deactivate the card.
  • Additionally, you can select the finance button at the bottom of the page to view your current loan status.
  • If you have not paid off your loan, follow the instructions for loan repayment, and then you may have paid off the loan.
  • Click on the menu icon in the upper-right corner of the page to access the deactivate security component option.
  • Uncheck the deactivate plugin option box to disable the Palmpay warning on your phone and to remove the loan repayment watermark.
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Can a phone light eliminate the Palmpay warning?


I am aware that the majority of individuals are not seeking a method to repay their loan, but rather a way to deactivate the Palmpay Ok Card loan warning. People have inquired as to whether flashing their phones will eradicate the warning message.

I realise that taking your phone to phone engineers can be beneficial. They can illuminate your phone and alter its settings to prevent Palmpay from identifying you. However, attempting to evade the loan you owe them is not the best course of action, as it will negatively impact your credit score in the long term. They assist you in solving your problem, and if you do not pay them, you will be unable to request assistance in the future. This is the disadvantage of attempting to evade your loan.

How To Remove PalmPay Security Plugin From Your iPhone


How to cancel your Palmpay account

If you believe that you no longer require Palmpay’s services, you have every right to delete your Palmpay account permanently. However, before you do so, you should ensure that you do not owe them any money and that you do not have any money stored with them, as you may not be able to recover it.

Deleting their mobile application from your phone may not be sufficient to ensure your complete emancipation from them. To erase your account, you must send Palmpay an email requesting that they delete your account and remove all of your information from their database.

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I am confident that you understand how to send an email via Google Gmail or Yahoo. To send an email to Palmpay, launch your preferred email client or navigate to the webmail interface, compose an email, and send it to [email protected]. Your message must be straightforward and include your information so that they can locate your profile and remove it from their system.

How To Easily Pay Back Ok Card On Palmpay, Activation and Overdue Loan

How to Cancel Your Palmpay Account

You can terminate your subscription without deleting your account in addition to deleting your account. Below are instructions for cancelling your Palmpay subscription on Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

For iPad or iPhone users

Open the Palmpay app settings on your mobile device, tap the tiny icon’s label, and then tap the subscription button.
In most instances, the subscription icon may not be visible; therefore, you must access iTunes and the App Store.
Click on your Apple ID, log in, and scroll until the subscription icon appears.
The final stage is to tap Palmapy, review the subscription, and click the cancel button, at which point you are finished.

For Android users

You must be aware that deleting the Palmpay app does not delete your subscriptions, and if you have the app installed but no active subscriptions, you are 90 days free of them. The primary objective is to terminate all subscriptions.

You must launch the Google Play Store, navigate to the interface, and then select Subscriptions. From there, you will be able to view the inventory of activated Palmpay Subscriptions. Cancel the subscriptions you do not want, or cancel them all if you so choose.

How to circumvent Palmpay Ok Card loan alert

As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure; this Palmpay that introduced Ok card loan services is not like other loan providers; they can render your phone half-useless even if you only owe them N1,000, so it’s best to avoid them completely if possible.

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Furthermore, it may be impossible to escape them when you need something and have no other option, but there are a few things you can do to avoid embarrassment.

Always verify the loan duration

Let me illustrate with the Tecno wallet or the Infinix wallet. If you are using one of the aforementioned wallets, you should be aware that the Palmpay Ok Card only offers a 15-day loan that is divided into two stages. From the first to the sixteenth of the month and the sixteenth to the first of the subsequent month.

How to Block/Deactivate Access Bank ATM Debit Card In 3 Minutes

If you use your Tecno wallet on the 14th of the month to pay for GOtv or to purchase airtime, you must repay the funds by the 16th of the same month. You are only eligible for the 15-day loan if you borrow on the 1st or 16th of the month, and you must be aware of this to avoid being tormented after two days of receiving money from them.

Checking the duration of the loan will let you know if you will have money before the due date; if you don’t see this as a possibility, avoid the loan and rest easy.

I trust that your issues with the Palmpay Ok Card loan warning on your phone have been resolved; if you still have questions, feel free to use the comment section below, and remember that paying them off is the best way to get rid of them.

How To Remove PalmPay Security Plugin From Your iPhone

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