How to Easily Fix ‘Identity Verification Failed’ SASSA SRD Status

“Identity Verification Failed” can show up on your SASSA SRD status for a number of reasons. One is that your name, surname, or ID number couldn’t be matched with the Home Affairs database. But because troubleshooting can be hard to understand, it’s hard for many people to figure out the exact cause.

Basically, a lot of people in South Africa have a lot of questions, like, “What does it mean if my identity verification failed?” and what do I need to do to pass my SASSA r350 identity check? to name a few. We know that troubleshooting these problems can be frustrating and that you may have questions, so we’ve put together answers to all of them.

Verifying someone’s identity is a big deal now because it helps stop cyber fraud. This article tells you everything you need to know about how SASSA verifies your identity.

What does it mean when it says “Identity Verification Failed Sassa“?

Identity Verification Failed” just means that SASSA can’t match your information with what the Department of Home Affairs has.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is in charge of giving South Africans, asylum seekers, refugees, and people with special permits social security services like SRD grants.

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SRD COVID-19 grants are a type of SRD (social relief of distress) grants. It is for people between the ages of 18 and 60 who don’t:

  • Have any way to stay alive.
  • Have no money coming in from anywhere.
  • Receive social grants
  • Are not eligible for UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) payments.
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For SASSA to give this fund support, it needs to do a process to check the beneficiaries’ identities.

Beneficiaries have to give information like their ID number and bank information. Sometimes SASSA can’t compare this information with what the Department of Home Affairs has because the identities don’t match or their bank is taking too long.

So, the grants can’t be given to the people who should get them. So, you get a message saying, “Identity Verification Failed.”

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How does SASSA check the identity of a person?

Your name, last name, and ID number are run through Home Affairs by SASSA to make sure they match up correctly.

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What three ways does SASSA use to check a person’s identity?

There are several ways to check someone’s identity, but SASSA uses:

Biometric Verification Face Recognition Digital ID document verification.

What happens if SASSA isn’t able to verify your identity?

If your SASSA identity verification status says “Unsuccessful” or “Identity Verification failed,” it means that the information you gave when you registered does not match the information the Department of Home Affairs has about you.

What to do if “Identity verification failed” is written on your SASSA Status?

If your identity verification fails, you need to make sure you file an appeal on the SASSA website within 30 days.
Beneficiaries should make an appeal every month if their SASSA identity verification fails. If they don’t, their status will stay the same for the other months.

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How to Apply for an SRD Grant with SASSA – An easy way to apply for an SRD Grant

Step 1: Go to the new site for SRD appeals.

Step 2: Type in your ID number.

Step 3: Enter the phone number you used when you filled out the application.

Step 4: Click “Send Pin”. Your phone number will get an SMS with a PIN.

Step 5: Enter the PIN in the PIN field

Step 6: Click on “Send”

Step 7: Choose the month for which you want to apply.

Step 8: From the drop-down menu, choose the reason you want to appeal.

Step 9: Click the “Send” button.

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How long does it take to check SASSA?

SASSA can check a bank customer’s identity in up to seven business days, but it doesn’t have a set schedule.
So, you will have to wait while SASSA checks with your bank to make sure you are who you say you are.

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