How To Easily Use Palmpay qr Card On POS Machine (Step-by-Step)

With this PalmPay QR card, you can withdraw, deposit, and transfer funds between PalmPay apps! Please be advised that this card cannot be used at an ATM. Whether you sell online or in-person, PalmPay QR is an excellent method to accept payments from customers while maintaining social distance. Give your QR Card to the cashier at the POS and ask them to scan it for cash release.

Palmpay is an innovative mobile payment platform that enables smartphone users to conduct transactions. One of Palmpay’s most recent features is the QR card, which enables users to conduct transactions at point-of-sale (POS) terminals. This article examines how to use Palmpay QR cards on POS machines.

The QR card is a free physical card with a card number issued by PalmPay. It is connected to your PalmPay account.

You can deposit & withdraw cash, and transfer money with the QR Card at any POS agent (like PalmPay, Kudi, OPay, etc), or simply with your PalmPay app.

Note: The PalmPay QR card is not a debit card. It can’t be used on an ATM, or a POS machine, etc.

You can order one QR Card from a PalmPay agent, or on your PalmPay app. The QR Card is completely free, except that if you order online, you’ll only need to pay the postage.


Step 1: Go to a PalmPay agent and apply for a QR card.

Step 2: The agent will scan a new QR card for you, and then record your personal info, bind the new QR Card with your PalmPay account, and activate the card for you.

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Step 1: Open your PalmPay app. Go to Me My QR Card > Apply Now

Step 2: Enter your personal info, phone number and address. Click Next

Step 3: Confirm the delivery details. Pay the card delivery fee

Step 4: Activate your QR Card. Log in the PalmPay app. Go to Me, and click My QR Card. Enter the QR Card Number or scan your card, and your card will be activated right away.


Yes. They are the same as your PalmPay account limits.

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You can check your QR Card balance directly on your PalmPay app, or via USSD *652# (coming soon) or via customer service hotline 018886888.

You’ll get an SMS on every transaction.

  1. Ask your sender to select Select “PalmPay” as the beneficiary bank and enter your PalmPay QR Card account No.or phone No. to transfer the money.
  2. The transferred funds will be added to your QR Card and PalmPay accounts both.

Absolutely. PalmPay is a Mobile Money Operator licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

To strengthen your account security, each cash withdrawal with your QR Card would require OTP or a SMS. Plus, you can set up its cash-out limits on the PalmPay app.

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Contact us via customer service 018886888, or TwitterFacebook. We will troubleshoot for you as soon as possible.

Download the PalmPay app, and get yourself a QR card now!

*The QR card is currently available to users in Lagos only.


The Palmpay QR card facilitates transactions at point-of-sale terminals. To access the QR card, you must have the Palmpay app installed on your mobile device and input your Palmpay PIN. Show your QR card at the POS machine, confirm the transaction amount, and press the “confirm” button to finalize the transaction. With the Palmpay QR card, it is possible to conduct transactions swiftly and safely without the need for cash or physical cards.

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