How To Get and Use PalmPay Flexi Cash, Invitation Code, Staff, Repayment

The moniker of one of PalmPay’s products, OK cash, has recently been changed to Flexi or Flexi Cash.

You can learn everything there is to know about Palmpay flexi currency in this article. Staff invitation code: its advantages and utility.

The lending service Palmpay Flexi Cash is provided by Palmpay, one of Nigeria’s top mobile payment and financial services companies. The loan service is made to give users fast, simple access to credit for their needs, whether they be personal or professional.

Users must have a Palmpay account, be at least 18 years old, be citizens of Nigeria, have a reliable source of income, and have a solid credit history in order to apply for a Palmpay Flexi Cash loan.

The invitation code method is one of Palmpay Flexi Cash’s distinctive features. This method enables current Palmpay users to invite their friends and family to sign up for the website and submit loan applications. Both the new user and the inviter will receive rewards in the form of cashback and other bonuses when a new user registers using an invitation code.

Additionally, Palmpay employees have access to Flexi Cash, which they can use for either personal or professional financial requirements. When employees apply for loans, they can swiftly and easily get the money they need, with flexible and affordable repayment choices.

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FlexiPay Palmpay

Customers can purchase now and pay later with the Flexi palmpay product inside the programme. Within the programme, you have access to a certain amount that you can use to pay for game betting, data, airtime, and TV subscriptions.

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This product has the advantage of not charging interest as long as the return is made on or before the due date.

The money can also be extremely helpful in addressing some needs right away and paying for them afterward.

Flexi has the drawback that funds cannot be withdrawn or transferred straight into your bank account.

There is, however, a formal procedure to remove your Flexi funds. Transfer all of the Flexi funds to your online wallet (such as Bet9ja), from which you can transfer them to your bank.

If you don’t already have an account with one of these services, you can make one just for this.

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Flexi Money

Contrarily, you can use Flexi Cash, a loan product from PalmPay, to cover your immediate requirements. Up to 50,000 naira may be borrowed with a decent and manageable interest rate for easy repayment.

Invitation Number for PalmPay

If you need it, my flexi invitation code is 9YX2H5. It can be used to join right now or at any time.

If you want to take part in their referral programme and earn money, you can get a PalmPay Flexi invitation number from the app.

The only thing needed to make money is to share the ticket number. When people join or sign up using your link, you get paid.

How to obtain your registration code for PalmPay

Learn how to quickly obtain a PalmPay invitation code in the movie below.

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Within the app, you can initiate a palmpay flexi cash repayment. Simply enter your login information, fill your account, and make a repayment. Easy to accomplish

Palmpay Anniversary

To celebrate its second anniversary, PalmPay is giving away 100 million naira to three fortunate winners. You only need to sign in to the programme and gather a staff invitation code to take part.

To increase your chances of receiving more rewards, you can accomplish some tasks. Paying bills, purchasing airtime or data, and inviting friends are a few of the duties.

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Palmpay Flexi Cash is a convenient and accessible loan service that provides users with quick access to credit, flexible repayment options, and incentives for inviting new users to the platform. Whether you are an individual looking to meet your personal financial needs or a business owner seeking funding for your venture, Palmpay Flexi Cash can help you achieve your goals with ease.

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