How To Make and Receive Money On PalmPay App Everyday

The PalmPay Guide: How to Use It and Make Money With It You’ll be able to do a variety of financial operations, including buying airtime, paying bills, making deposits, and transferring money between banks, among other things, when you use palmpay.

Utilizing the program itself is all that is required to start saving a significant amount of money with Palmpay.

How to make payments with PalmPay.

As you are all aware, Palmpay is a payment mechanism for people who use mobile phones.

In addition to serving as a venue for you to conduct business transactions, it also provides benefits in exchange for your use of the program.

In order to get started with Palmpay, you will first need to:

Get the PalmPay application by going to the Google Play store and downloading it.
After opening the application, navigate to the signup page by clicking the button.
First, provide your information, and then register.

Applications of PalmPay

You can use PalmPay for anything that has to do with payments, and some of the other uses of the PalmPay program are given below:

1. accepting and sending financial payments

2. Payments for any and all utility bills, such as subscriptions to DSTV or GoTv, electric bills, and anything else that may arise.

3. The act of sending and receiving monetary payments

4. The ability to make cost-effective purchases of both data and airtime.

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The Best Ways to Earn Cash Using Palmpay

Using the Palpay application to generate income is possible in a number of different ways. The following is a list of some of the possible ways.

1. Referral:

Through referrals, you have the potential to earn money. After registering for the application, you will be given a one-of-a-kind referral code. When a new user signs up with your referral code, that user will get #100, and you will earn #300, which is pretty fantastic, right? The payment is made in the form of palmpoints rather than cash.

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2. Participate in the game of luck:

Playing the palmpay fortunate game is another way that you can generate income from using palmpay.

After each and every purchase, it is only possible to play the game once. It is a fuel for chance and good fortune.

You have the opportunity to win a variety of cash prizes, and you will receive the cash award that you win.

3. Payback in cash:

You will get a cash rebate for each and every transaction that you complete using the application.

This payback is provided in the form of Palm Points as the payment method. These points also have the ability to be utilized for a variety of other transactions that are available within the program.

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4. Become a member of PalmForce:

After you have successfully invited up to 5 others to join the PalmForce, you will then be eligible to become a member of the PalmForce.

Although membership in the Palm Force is voluntary, doing so has many advantages and may be quite rewarding for those who decide to sign up for it.

You can trade in your Palm Points for actual cash if you sign up for the Palm Force, which is one of the advantages of becoming a member.

In addition, you will earn money from the transactions that your referrals do when they make purchases. You can accumulate earnings without taking any action down to the third layer. The third layer indicates that the people you referred will themselves refer to other people who will refer other people.

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To easily become a member of Palm Force: a. Ensure that you invite up to 5 other users.

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b. After opening the palmpay program, select the desired option from the menu located in the upper left corner of the screen.

c. The next step is to pick invitation, and then click on the Join Palm Force button.

Palm points: Palm Points are a sort of currency that can be used inside of the PalmPay app. 1PalmPoint equals 1 Naira. With enough PalmPoints, you can knock up to half off the price of an item. Take note that they only have a use within the application. And you can’t use just one of them by themselves.

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For example, if you want to buy data that costs N1000 but only have palm points worth N500, you only need to pay N500 for the data instead of the full N1000. Considering that #500 denotes 500 Palm Points.

Redeeming palmpoints: As you are aware, using palmpoints can get you discounts of up to fifty percent on PalmPay. PalmPoints is designed to be used in conjunction with actual cash transactions.

To cash in your palm Points for something:

1. Launch the PalmPay application and select the transactions you’d like to do, such as purchasing airtime.

2. Choose the amount you want to spend, then click on the points you want to utilize during checkout.

3. If you do this, your monthly payment will be reduced by up to half.

How to Fund Your PalmPay Account

You have a number of options available to you when it comes to funding your PayPal account, including using a debit card or initiating a bank transfer.

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You are aware that in order to make a bank transfer, you will need the designation’s Account number as well as the name of the bank. One way to fund your PalmPay account is through the use of a bank transfer.

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However, using PalmPay, your phone number will act as the account number rather than a separate number. Choose mobile money from the list of available alternatives for the bank name, and then go on to select PalmPay.

Simply enter the amount that you wish to send, then click the Send button. The sum will be reflected in your wallet practically instantly once it has been transferred.

Making Payments Using a Debit Card to Fund Your PalmPay Account:

The first step in completing this task is to launch the PalmPay application.

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The second step is to go to the home screen and click the button labeled “fund.”

Third, select a form of payment, and then select the fund button. If everything was done correctly, the money will show up in your wallet straight away.


In conclusion, the PalmPay application gives you the opportunity to gain experience with real money. From the possibilities that have been shown to you, select the one that you believe will serve your needs and preferences the best.

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