Is GENIEX Safe? How To Use GENIEX Network, Supported Device, Download App

A few months ago, I learned about GENIEX mobile data connection, but I wanted to learn more about it before telling you guys about it. In this article, I’ll demonstrate some of GENIEX’s more attractive features and capabilities.

Download the Geniex App to start experiencing free browsing and very inexpensive data bundles with blazing-fast internet. Enjoy unparalleled 4G internet speed while using this application.

What is GENIEX?

GENIEX is a Network Service that grants consumers unrestricted Internet access. By utilising the GENIEX App, you can enjoy high-speed 4G Internet access at any time and in any location. The application can be used to accumulate free internet data that can be used to browse the web, access videos, and download files.

GENIEX is an ISP that offers reliable, high-speed connections throughout Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. Never in my life had I imagined that I could use my phone’s internet capabilities without first inserting a SIM card. Keep in mind that I am not talking about a wireless internet connection.

I tried out their services without a SIM card in my phone and they still worked perfectly. I will discuss my time spent utilising GENIEX as a network provider, both the good and the bad.

With the slogan “CONNECTION MADE EASY,” GENIEX is a network provider whose mission is to provide consumers with the fastest and most reliable local network possible.


Currently, GENIEX is only available in Nigeria and is compatible with a limited number of high-end Android smartphones (this list will grow in the future). With supported mobile devices, you could obtain the GENIEX application from Palmstore and Google Play.

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The Geniex app is comparable to Simo, which also provides complimentary data. Check out the extensive article that we’ve already written on the subject.

Numerous Infinix and Tecno phone users in Nigeria utilise it as one of the best free browsing scam applications.


GENIEX app is Legit!! The GENIEX service for Android was designed to provide the fastest and most stable local network to users of high-end Android Smartphones so they can experience dependable internet service.

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Reviews of GENIEX

Without Tecno, Infinix, and the like being able to show their mobile subscribers that they are not fully in control, I would not have heard about the GENIEX network provider. A few months back, I was browsing my phone’s menu and noticed an app called GENIEX. I didn’t download it, and I have no idea how Tecno got it onto my Camon 17 Pro, but they did.

I was so upset that the software had sneaked onto my phone without my knowledge that I uninstalled it without even giving it a chance to prove its worth. The app was removed from my phone, but after a few weeks they tried to reinstall it, which is quite aggravating. They think the software is necessary for me, yet installing it without my permission is wrong.


I wanted to find out what it was and how it worked because Tecno and its partners constantly pushing it on my phone. I launched the app by tapping the hamburger menu and discovered that it was a network connection service that claimed to work even if my phone lacked a SIM card. I was sceptical at first, but it turns out to be legit; I gave it a shot, and it worked, though I still don’t understand how they pulled it off.

Trust me, I’ll explain why I haven’t removed the GENIEX app off my phone even if it’s not as great as I originally thought it was.

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Value of GENIEX as a Network Service Provider

I promised to give you both the pros and cons of using GENIEX, and I’ll begin with the pros, or the advantages, of doing so.

GENIEX requires you to purchase data in order to browse the web, but its data is cheaper and it frequently runs promotions that make it hard to pass up.

Second, if you’re tight on cash but need data, you may buy it now and pay for it later thanks to GENIEX’s relationship with Ok pay. This means that establishing contact is possible regardless of financial capabilities.

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Third, you can get Whatsapp, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for very little money if you subscribe to them. The cost of social bundling is little.

Get an hour of free entertainment every day from 4 to 5 p.m. by playing chosen online games provided by GENIEX.


It has a reward zone where you can earn coins for doing things in their app, such as using more data and receiving more coins. You can buy a data plan with the coins and enter contests to win exclusive prizes.

There are further benefits to using this network provider, but I will stop here. They also have a long way to go because many essentials are still missing from their society.

Benefits of Using GENIEX App

The below are the convincing reasons to make use of GENIEX Network Service;

  • Easy to use – access to the best local internet with just one click.
  • Always the best network – enjoy the fastest, most reliable speeds up to 4G LTE.
  • Various and adaptable data bundles – you may always pick the one that best suits your needs.
  • Flutterwave and PalmPay offer convenient online payment methods such as bank cards, credit cards, and mobile wallets.
  • Clear data depletion – Keep track of the data you’ve used in the last seven days.

Where GENIEX can be made better

For me, GENIEX is far from perfect, but they are trying; I was wondering how a phone could connect to the internet without a SIM card or WIFI, but then I realised that some network phones do not require SIM cards to function; even the MTN Lumos solar still has network without a SIM card.

According to my research, GENIEX has partnered with MTN to utilise their network, which is positive, but they should also partner with other network operators such as Airtel and Glo. This is because MTN does not function well in my area during the day, except between 1 AM and 5 AM, which is exactly how GENIEX operates.

GENIEX should be able to connect to the fastest network in any given location; their application should be able to access various network operators and connect based on speed.

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NO USSD abbreviation for data subscription

Unlike MTN, GLO, and Airtel, GENIEX requires you to pay for data plans with a credit card rather than with airtime. The absence of a USSD shortcode for data subscription is another issue. Everything on GENIEX must be paid for with a bank ATM card.

How do I acquire the GENIEX network provider?

I can say that GENIEX is suitable for those who reside in MTN fast areas, as they have discovered a way to connect your phone to the MTN 4G network even without a SIM card. Download the app, remove all of your Sim cards, and attempt to see yourself if you have any doubts.

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List of Android Phones that supports GENIEX Network Service App

(May change, more detailed information could be found on its official website,

Just as stated above, GENIEX app only supports some high-end devices which includes:


– CAMON 17P/17 Pro/18/19/19 Pro(4G)

– SPARK 7P/8/9T/9 Pro

– POVA 2


– NOTE 10/10 Pro/12/12i/12 VIP

– HOT 10T/12/12i

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GENIEX sign Up To Get Free Data

Firstly, you could find GENIEX and download it from Palmstore or GooglePlay store.

How To Download GENIEX App

Use the button below to download the Geniex app and start enjoying free and cheap data from your preferred network.

Download Geniex App


  • After successful download
  • Open GENIEX
  • Sign up with your phone number
  • 100MB of free data will be automatically credited to your account
  • Then you can enjoy high-speed network experience with GENIEX!

However, the application is available on Google Play. Here, if it is not already on your phone. Please utilise it and share your experience using the comment provided below.

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