Is It Safe To Transfer From Paypal To Revolut: How To Easily Send Money

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With the rise of online shopping, it can be hard to figure out which online payment method is best for you. For example, you might want to switch from PayPal to Revolut. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the main way to pay has been thought to be to switch from paper cash to electronic cash.

People all over the world chose to use a contactless method so they wouldn’t have to worry about getting the deadly virus. What do you hope to learn from this article?

The author will tell you important things about PayPal and Revolut, such as how to move your PayPal digital money to Revolut and what Revolut has to offer. First, you should know what makes these two online shopping giants different.

What is Paypal, and how do people use it?

PayPal is an online payment system that is run by an American company that is part of a global network of financial technology companies. It is a safe and secure way to send and receive money online. You can use it to get money from friends and family and to pay for things.

You can buy things online when you add your bank account, credit card, or debit card to your PayPal account. PayPal acts as a middleman between your bank and the store you want to buy from when you make a purchase. Your money information stays safe this way.

Why is PayPal a safe way to pay?

It’s easy to use PayPal. It is a very easy way to send money to people you know. If you pay with PayPal, you have even more safety against scams and theft. When you use PayPal, the information about your bank account or credit card is encrypted to keep it safe. When you send money to friends and family, there are no fees.

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How does Revolut work? What is it?

Revolut is a British financial technology company that helps people do their banking. It now works as a multi-currency card that can be used with a mobile app. The company says that you can start an account with them in less than a minute.

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With a contactless MasterCard or Visa, you can spend money in more than 130 different countries without paying any fees. You can also link your virtual Revolut card to Apple Pay or Google Pay so that you can use your phone to pay for things in shops, restaurants, and on public transportation.

Does Revolut offer more than PayPal?

When compared to other payment service providers, PayPal’s fees are high and their rates are not in the middle of the market. Revolut doesn’t charge a lot of money to swap money at mid-market rates. Instead, it charges small fees. If you use Revolut, you’ll get mid-market exchange rates and free money transfers, but there are fees on weekends and monthly caps.

Is Revolut Safe

Yes, Revolut is a real business that lets you send money to other countries in a safe way. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has given the company permission to do business in the United Kingdom. If you go to their website, you’ll see that they have banking licenses from the European Central Bank in Poland and Lithuania.

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This lets them offer banking services in a number of European countries, such as Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, and Bulgaria, as well as France, Italy, and Portugal, with plans to add more in the future. It is safe because 16 million people around the world have put their money in Revolut.

Can I move money from my PayPal account to my Revolut business card?

Yes, but at the moment, this PayPal service is only offered to people in the European Union. Follow these steps to add your Revolut credit card:

  • Sign in to your PayPal account.
  • Go to the part of the site called “Cards.”
  • From the drop-down box, choose “Link a New Card.”
  • Fill in the information about your credit card.
  • Paypal will take a small amount from your card in order to send you an email with a confirmation code.
  • Keep these in mind: The address on the card must match the address on the PayPal account. For PayPal to take a small amount for clearance, the card must have money on it. Lastly, the card must be enabled in order to buy things online.
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Fee From PayPal To Revolut

In short, Revolut and PayPal help customers with different problems. Both can send money to other countries. This comparison will look at their features and fees for foreign payments and transfers of funds. Both Revolut and PayPal charge a lot of money to make payments or send money back home. If you spend a certain amount of money, you can use Revolut for free.

When you go over that amount, the differences between the exchange rates get bigger. You can pay more account fees every month to raise the amount you can spend each month without paying a fee. People who use PayPal can’t get good exchange rates, and using their payment method costs a lot of money.

How to turn on your Revolut card

When you get your physical Revolut card in the mail, you can activate it by going to the “Cards” tab of the app and adding your 16-digit card number. Your physical card can only be used for contactless and web payments after it has been activated. This is to protect you.

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Revolut PayPal Declined

According to their rules, you should check the transaction in the app to find out why the online payment was turned down or denied. Most of the time, online payments don’t work because of the following:

You can’t buy or sell things online. If you tap on the card and choose “PIN & Security,” it’s easy to find out if it can be used for online payments.
There was a mistake in the payment address. As part of the checkout process, some sites ask for a mailing address. Make sure you type this in exactly as it shows in the Revolut app.

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In the app, the money didn’t show up. The seller may sometimes ask you to confirm payment in the Revolut app. We’ll send you a push message. Then, open your Revolut app and look around. Then click “continue” to move on.
If you’re having trouble verifying your money, close the Revolut app and open it back up. Then try again. If the transaction amount is more than €250 (or its equal in another currency) and the merchant doesn’t do this extra payment confirmation, we may have to turn it down. Because of this, they have to fix it. If your transaction fits these criteria, try breaking your cart into smaller payments to see if that helps.

Please fill out our online complaint form if you tried to pay but it didn’t go through. To get your money back, you have to wait for it to finish and then send it back to your bank account. Don’t fill out this form until the money has been made. The Revolut team should let you know what is going on and how long it will take to fix the problem in a few days.


As we look at two different types of e-commerce, we can see that each has its pros and cons. Paypal, on the other hand, is better known and has been around for a long time. PayPal and Revolut have more to give than many other well-known money transfer and financial technology companies, such as Western Union.

Use this piece as a guide if you want to switch from PayPal to Revolut. Always keep in mind that both services try to meet the wants of the customer and let them know about changes. Both of these companies can help you reach your money goals no matter where you are in the world.


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