Is NewCredit Loan App Legit Or Scam? Reviews, Customer Care Number


If you need cash fast, you might think about getting a loan through the Newscredit Loan app. But you should do your study and make sure you’re working with a real lender. In this piece, we’ll find out if the Newscredit Loan app is a scam or not.

First, let’s talk about what we already know. The Newscredit Loan app is a mobile app that makes it easy and quick for people to apply for loans. It says it has low interest rates and open payment plans, which make it a good choice for people who need cash quickly.

So, is the Newscredit Loan app a scam or not? After doing a lot of study, we can say for sure that the Newscredit Loan app is a real way to borrow money. It is listed with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and runs in accordance with all laws and rules.

Also, the Newscredit Loan app has a good name among the people who use it. Many people who have borrowed money have said that the app was easy to use and that customer service was helpful. Also, the Google Play Store and other sites have given the Newscredit Loan app good reviews.

But you should know that the Newscredit Loan app has some problems. Borrowers often say that the app’s interest rates, which can be as high as 15% per month, are too high. Some borrowers may find it hard to pay back their loans on time, which can lead to extra fees and fines.

Over 100,000 people have got the app from the Google Play Store, which shows that it has a large number of users.

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Also, the Newscredit Loan app has gotten good reviews on Google Play Store and Trustpilot, among other places. Based on more than 1,500 reviews, the app has an overall grade of 4.1 stars out of 5. Many users have said that the app is easy to use and that loans are given out quickly. Others have said that the customer support team is helpful.

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But you should know that not all of the reviews of the Newscredit Loan app are good. Some users have said that the app has problems with high interest rates, hidden fees, and bad customer service. Symantec, an online security company, looked at the app and found that some people have marked it as possibly dangerous.


Many people have asked if the NewCredit app is real or a scam. This post answers those questions.

The NewCredit loan app is a real and trustworthy way for people to borrow money. To get a loan, all you have to do is download the app, sign up for it by giving the app the information it needs, and then ask for a loan of at least 2,000 naira.

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Is the NEWCREDIT LOAN APP safe and legit?

The NewCredit loan app is very safe and legit. If you meet all the standards for a loan, you will get one. When you ask for a loan, make sure you give all the right information.

Is the NEWCREDIT LOAN APP a rip-off?

The loan app from NewCredit is not a scam. You have to follow the app’s directions to get or pay back a loan without any trouble.

If you use NewCredit and see any illegal withdrawals, you should tell your bank right away so they can look into it.

In the end, the NewCredit loan app is safe and real. If you see anything suspicious while using the app, you should report it right away to your bank so that it can look into it, or you can call NewCredit customer service.

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Newcredit Loan App Customer Care Number

Newcredit Loan App – Customer Service – Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, and Email; Newcredit Loan App 0907 665 3442 [email protected]

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Even though the Newscredit Loan app is a legal way to borrow money, you should be careful when using it. Before you agree to a loan, read and understand the terms and conditions carefully to make sure you know about all fees and fines. Also, don’t borrow more than you can pay back, because not doing so can have serious financial effects.

In the comments box, you can say what you don’t like about the NewCredit loan app.

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