My birthday boy and Purple Speedy

A Nigerian Tiktoker identified as Purplespeedy got many people grinning with envy as she surprised her boyfriend, with a PlayStation 5, an iPhone 15 Pro Max, among many other gifts, on his birthday.

In the video, which has attracted attention online, the Tiktoker was seen hiding as her man walked into a room filled with her friends and well-wishers.


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Upon his entrance, he noticed boxes of sneakers lined up on the floor as presents for his birthday.

While he was counting the pairs of sneakers, his girlfriend, Purplespeedy, made herself available and presented an iPhone 15 Pro Max to her partner.

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This gesture made him happy, and they hugged each other tightly.

The move captured the attention of fans and well-wishers who have stormed the comment section of the post to react.

See some reactions below:

@meothmans: “O lord, this is the kinda of girlfriend i want. someone who would buy me expensive stuff without ever telling me.”

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@damilare_dFy: “Omo this is amazing, I think every lady should learn from her.”


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@AgboSun82051593: “How many girls can do this, Nkechi will be there asking me to buy roasted corn too. Nkechi wherever you are, see what your follow girls are doing, buy me my own sneakers and iphone na Ida Apu ara.”

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@EsqAboagye: “Well the truth is the guy paid for all the stuff… women never give for free. Truth will be out soon.”


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@iam_lukesoul: “There’s money on social media guys! This content creators are racking up thousand in dollars.”

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@Queeniejay24: “God when. I for surprise my babe but e no get respect again and e no gimme money this weekend.”






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