Meet 8 Nollywood Yoruba Actresses Who Are Above 60 years Old And Still Looking Very Good and Beautiful (See Photos)

The Nigerian movie industry has produced many talented Actresses who are not just talented but also beautiful, sexy, and seemingly forever young.

However, in today’s article, I will be sharing with you 6 Yoruba actresses that are above 60 years and have proven to us that age is just a number. These Nollywood actresses always look gorgeous, stunning, and still very beautiful despite their age.

Let’s check them below

1. Idowu Phillips

Idowu Philips is a veteran Nollywood actress popularly known as Iya Rainbow. She’s one of the most respected actresses in the industry. . Iya Rainbow is currently 79 years old and still looking very beautiful and vibrant in the industry. The Nollywood Actress has starred in both English and Yoruba movies.

2. Fausat Balogun

Balogun also known as madam Saja is a popular Nigerian actress who stars majorly in Yoruba movies. Madam is among the set of Nollywood actresses who were born in the 50s. The talented born actress is currently 62 years of age and still looking very young.

3. Lanre Adesina Hassan

Lanre Adesina Hassan is another well-respected Nigerian actress, who features majorly in the Yoruba-speaking genre of Nollywood, although she features in English-speaking productions as well.

Actress Lanre is also knownown as Awero was born on the 3rd of October 1950. The 71-year-old actress has starred in multiple films and is still very active despite her age.

4. Toyin Afolayan

Toyin Afolayan is another gifted actress who is above 60 years. Arguably Afolayan can be said to be the most beautiful actress among her age bracket. Toyin is 62 years of age and has remained ever young in spite of her years. Not only that, but she has also gained recognition in Nigeria and across Africa and remains very relevant in the industry.

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5. Toyin Adegbola

Toyin Adegbola popularly known as Toyin Asewo to re mecca is a Nigerian film actress, producer, and director. Toyin is also among the Yoruba actresses who are above 60 and still gorgeous.

6. Mama Eroko

Mama Eroko is another Veteran Nollywood actress that is over 60 years old in the industry. She has been in the industry for over 3 decades and is still very beautiful, and vibrant in the movie industry. The elegant Nollywood actress, Eriko clocked 75 on February 2, 2021.

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