Asa nwa – Beauty goddess gushes over Purple Speedy new outfit

Purple Speedy, whose real name is Peace Pever Anpee, is a Nigerian TikTok star and social media sensation known for her captivating content and dance performances. Born on December 10, 1998, in Gboko, Benue State, she gained popularity during the 2022 pandemic and has since become one of the most influential creators on the platform

Rise to Fame

Purple Speedy began her career during the COVID-19 lockdown period, initially as a dancer. Despite facing initial challenges, she made a successful comeback to TikTok in January 2021 and has since amassed a large following. She is primarily known for her comedy sketches, dance performances, relatable couples’ content, and short stories, which have resonated with audiences and garnered widespread attention

Notable Achievements

  • TikTok account: 6.4M+ followers
  • YouTube account: 1.49k subscribers
  • Instagram account: 545k+ followers
  • Known for her eye-catching Instagram pictures and videos
  • Collaborated with artists such as Joeboy and Berby Picxy


Personal Life

Not much is known about Purple Speedy’s family and personal relationships. However, it is rumored that she is dating another TikTok star known as Crispdal


Making Money as a TikTok Star

An article on Akelicious discusses how Purple Speedy has managed to monetize her presence on TikTok, highlighting her journey from content creation in 2020 to becoming one of the most influential creators on the platform




Purple Speedy’s journey from a young content creator to a TikTok sensation is a testament to her talent and hard work. With her distinct style and magnetic presence, she has captured the hearts of millions of fans and continues to be a prominent figure in the world of social media and entertainment

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