Unapologetically beautiful – Beauty goddess

The beautiful Gen Z TikTok star, John Merry was seen in a video making rounds on social media surrounded by wads and bundles of naira notes, as she sang “I will never go broke” song by Tko da Almighty.

She had been celebrating her birthday which took place on May 4, 2022.


The young fashion model and content creator of Nigerian and Ghanian descent arrived on the TikTok scene and has since then amassed an army of adoring fans and followers.
Merry John is one of the most liked and followed young influencers in Nigeria, who had made a name for herself during the pandemic.

They say social media is the new gold, and the 21-year-old is definitely reaping the benefits.
She has a following of 2.1million on TikTok and 345 thousand on Instagram
She has ambassadorial roles with brands like Trim and fit ng, Tecno Mobile, Glowsbyniffy, and Slayeffect just to mention a few.

The young beauty is also part of a community of content creators paid by TikTok and Instagram to create content.
These content creators work hard just to create quality content, videos, images, etc. while staying trendy. While it may seem like a tiresome life, having to spend the majority of your time on the internet, it’s definitely a rewarding venture.

She is definitely living her best life.

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