“Damn, See Curves” – Video of Regina Daniels tw€rking in a ruanchy outfit in a toilet goes viral (Watch)

“Damn, See Curves” – Video of Regina Daniels tw€rking in a ruanchy outfit in a toilet goes viral (Watch)

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels, who is married to Ned Nwoko, has set the internet abuzz with a viral video in which she confidently showcases her curves in a bold outfit.

In the trending video, Regina is depicted in a lavishly decorated setting, elegantly sipping red wine in spite of her daring attire. The actress further drew attention when she accidentally dropped her wine glass, seizing the moment to exhibit her sultry dance moves, sensually swaying her ample derriere while maintaining an air of sophistication.

The conspicuous change in the size and curvature of her posterior did not escape the notice of some of her fans, who were quick to comment on the matter.

Simultaneously, some viewers expressed a touch of envy towards her husband, Ned Nwoko.

To witness the viral video of Regina Daniels showcasing her dance moves, watch below.





See how fans reacted to Regina Daniels’ video


“Na BBN or Wetin dem dey call am.”


“As far as you get money .women go dey with you .money is their love language. You no get money u dey expect love. Dey play.”



“No be only her husband suppose dey chop this thang.”


“This girl is clean like in real life her skin like mulk and eyes so white and bright, yansh soft like Okpari bread.”


“Shake what ur doctor gave u baby.”


“See wetin niqqurs for dey chop werey carry go give old man.”


“Something weh no fit stand 30 mins straight. Enjoy only money but deep down you want to experience real passionate s3x.”


“Na mold they mold am, but make we no lie the doctor sabi work.”

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