We barge it again – Beauty goddess

Who Is Beauty Goddess On TikTok?
Beauty Goddess is a well-known Nigerian-Ghanaian star on TikTok.

She became famous for sharing videos where she dances, lip-syncs, and does comedy on TikTok.

She is also popular on Instagram, where she posts pictures about fashion, beauty, and her everyday life.

Beauty Goddess’s real name is John Merry, and she was born on May 4, 2001.


She is a TikTok influencer, content creator, model, and brand ambassador who has achieved great success on the platform.

Beauty is a famous social media influencer from Lagos, Nigeria. She has a huge number of followers, especially on TikTok.

She has collaborated with different beauty and fashion brands like Glowsbyniffy and Trim & Fit Diet Coffee Factory.

In 2021, she won the Pulse Influencer of the Year award.








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