Young blind man bags master’s degree in Law, earns lecturer position

A young blind man named Carruthers Tetteh has achieved a remarkable milestone by earning a Master’s degree in Law at the University of Ghana, Accra, and being appointed as a lecturer of law immediately after graduation. Tetteh lost his sight at the age of 11 due to a drug reaction, but his passion for law and advocacy for the less privileged remained undeterred

He completed his first degree in English and History with first class at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, and emerged as the overall best-graduating student with visual impairment

Tetteh then pursued a degree in Law with first class from the same university, dedicating himself to setting the right pace as the first visually impaired student admitted to the university’s faculty of Law.


After graduation, Tetteh faced challenges in gaining admission to the Ghana School of Law in 2019 but persevered and secured admission in 2020.

He was called to the Ghana bar in 2022 as a solicitor of the Ghana Supreme Court.

Tetteh then proceeded to earn a Master of Laws in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) from the University of Ghana.

Now, he has been appointed as a lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, where he will be teaching Criminal Law and the Ghana Legal System.

Tetteh’s inspiring journey exemplifies the potential for individuals to overcome adversity and achieve significant professional accomplishments.

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