FACT CHECK: Is SASSA Going to Be Increased to 700?

Will SASSA be seven hundred? This is stuff we’ve all heard, and I suppose we’re all ecstatic about it. Prior to this thought entering our brains, the South African government had denounced the circulating rumors regarding the increase of social grant. Therefore, will SASSA be 700? Explore further.

Is SASSA Going Pay 700?

Will SASSA be seven hundred? Recently, an unidentified source published a message regarding the increase of the social grant from R350 to R700, urging all South African citizens to apply for an additional R700.

After then, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) issued a statement condemning the widespread rumors. The agency has labeled the news in circulation as false.

According to an unnamed source, they issued the following statement on Twitter: “Due to COVID-19, 55,000 citizens received a grant of R350 in 2020/21.

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As a result, all South African nationals will be supported. Application has commenced, as all citizens have submitted their applications and begun receiving their R700 payments:”

SASSA Offers Various Grants

Will SASSA be seven hundred? The organization has decided to identify the numerous awards it distributes in response to the spread of false information.

In response to the unidentified source’s false report, SASSA has decided to list the different social awards it distributes. Among them are:

Older Person’s Grant Child Support Grant

Grant -in- Aid Care Dependency

Grant Disability

Grant Social Relief of Distress Grant

Foster Care Grant.

After the advent of the covid virus, the lives of many individuals changed, and the government instituted social grants to assist citizens financially, particularly those negatively affected by the lockdown.

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Since 2021, the government has provided its residents with a stipend for Social Relief Distress.

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Social Media Trending with SASSA 700 Scam

Will SASSA be seven hundred? Recent internet trends have been attributed to the higher SASSA grant, which, according to the fake news, has been boosted from R350 to R700.

As soon as the news broke, SASSA issued a warning to those who received or are applying for the R350 social relief distress grant to be cautious about who they share their personal information with.

Additionally, the agency urged the public to double-check their dashboard information for accuracy at all times. This was submitted after the customer service unit in charge received phone calls from grant recipients who were dissatisfied with their new contact information.

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The Social Security Administration of South Africa (SASSA) has filed a complaint about a WhatsApp message circulating in which scammers ask for assistance with their loan application. According to them, the con artists request the applicants’ personal information in order to commit fraud on them.


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