Funniest Quotes About Saving Money and Paying Bills

Money talk can sometimes get very heated. Today, we’re here to lighten things up a bit with some of our favorite funny money quotes.

But since this is Finwealthonline, we’re all about giving a lot of financial power by giving them good advice and helping them make a lot of money. These funny quotes about money aren’t just funny; they also teach important lessons.

The funniest quotes about money

What are some famous money sayings? Read on to find some of the funniest sayings and quotes about money, saving money, and more. Plus, find out what they can teach us about money.

Thoughts that are funny about shopping and money

These funny quotes about money show that it’s okay to spend money on “frivolous” things if they make you happy. Just make sure you have enough money in your budget for them and don’t buy them just to show off. That would be a waste of money.

1. “I like to hang my money in my closet so I can see it.” – Sex and the City, by Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw, the main character in “Sex and the City,” is known for her stylish designer clothes. She is also known for spending so much money on shoes that she sometimes had trouble paying her rent. What can we learn from her quote about spending money, especially on luxury items? Is it only for the rich?

There’s nothing wrong with buying clothes and other things with your money. You might want to buy a Chanel bag or something else by a designer.

But you can go wrong if you don’t save up for your treats or if you spend money you don’t really have. And don’t forget that there are ways to be fashionable on a budget, so even if you can’t afford a designer item yet, you can still look great.

2. “Too many people spend money on things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like.” – Will Rogers

This quote by Will Rogers reminds us to be careful with how much money we spend. Before you buy something big, ask yourself why you want it. Do you really want it, or are you just buying it to show off?

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Trying to keep up with the Joneses is not a good idea. Getting the newest and best things to show off to your neighbors is becoming more and more common, and it’s too much work. Because of social media, the Joneses are no longer just our neighbors. Now, the whole world is affected by them.

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Focus on yourself and what you want instead of what other people have. Or what you think they should like about you.

3 “I like money a lot. I love it in every way. I got some pretty nice things. Got me a pair of socks for $300. Got a sink for fur. An electric brush for dogs. A turtleneck sweater that is powered by gas. I also bought some stupid things, of course.” – Steve Martin

This is a funny money quote from Steve Martin that also reminds us that money can be used to buy silly things we don’t need and maybe don’t even want. So it’s better to buy things with thought than just to have nice things that don’t do anything.

4. “The rich have small TVs and big libraries, while the poor have big TVs and small libraries.” – Zig Ziglar

A quote by Zig Ziglar that shows how the things we do for fun and how much we value what we know can affect our overall wealth. Even though it’s funny and might not always be true, it might show how important money is to us.

5 “Money is like manure. If you don’t spread it out, it will start to smell.” – JP Getty

Here is one of the funniest quotes about money that JP Getty ever said. When we spend, save, and plan how to spend our money, it’s important to be kind and give to other people when we can. If we don’t, we risk getting greedy, which almost always leads to being unhappy.

“A bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t refuse.” – Franklin Jones

Even though it’s nice to find something on sale, that doesn’t mean you should buy it just because it’s on sale. Asking yourself if you would buy the item at full price is a good idea. If not, it might not be that big of a deal.

7 “It’s cash. When I was single, I remember doing it.” – Bill Crystal

One of Billy Crystal’s best funny money quotes shows how things can change when you share a budget with a partner. Even if your goals and expenses change after you get married, that doesn’t mean you can’t work together. You can still save and spend well as long as you talk about those parts of your life.

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If you want to invest…

Investing is an important part of keeping your money in good shape. But these funny sayings about money show you a different way to make sure you have enough cash.

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“Folding your money in half and putting it in your pocket is the safest way to double it.” – Kin Hubbard

This Kin Hubbard quote about being frugal is funny, but it’s definitely not true. It turns out that investing is one of the safest ways to grow your money, not putting it in your back pocket, which could leave you with nothing in the end.

Money is a terrible master when we’re too afraid of losing it to try to make more of it, so it’s important to have enough foresight to invest, even if it doesn’t seem like the fastest way to get rich.

When you focus on investing, you don’t have to save every penny to get rich. It’s actually one of the best ways to get richer.

Many people think that investing is risky or scary, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it. You can only get so far with savings accounts and giving up things you want.

If you’re new to investing or want to learn more and make a lot of money, check out Learn How Investing Works, Grow Your Money by Clever Girl Finance. You’ll learn the most important things about investing and making money.

9 “October is one of the most dangerous times to put money into stocks. July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August, and February are also dangerous months.” -Mark Twain

This quote from Mark Twain might make you laugh, but it shows that we need to know what we’re doing before we invest. Investing is a smart and logical thing to do, but we’d be fools to try it without first learning about what we’re putting our money into. Read up on your options before you spend good money trying to make a profit.

10 “Money is very important. Use it or you’ll lose it.” Ford, Henry

This wise quote from Henry Ford shows how dangerous it is to let money just sit there. If you want to use every possible way to make more money, you might want to try investing. Investing lets you make money and save up for things you want to buy in the future.

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11 “The most important thing is to not do stupid things. Learn more, know what you can’t do, and don’t do stupid things.” – Warren Buffett

One of the best things you can do when investing is to learn more. Even if a stock market investment says it will make you a lot of money, that doesn’t mean it will.

Take this famous investor’s advice to heart and don’t buy things that don’t make sense. Who can say? It might make you one of the millionaires in the world.

Funny sayings about saving money

These funny quotes about saving money are easy to relate to, but you can learn how to save money even if your budget is tight. These funny quotes about saving money might make you want to keep as much of your money as possible.

12. “Economists say that going to college adds tens of thousands of dollars to a man’s lifetime income, which he then uses to pay for his son to go to college.” – Bill Vaughan

Having kids costs money, that’s a given. And it can be very expensive to send your child to college, whether he or she is male, female, or non-binary. This old quote about a man sending his son to college needs to be updated. This is one of Bill Vaughan’s funny quotes about saving money that shows how expensive college can be.

There are, however, ways to save for your kids’ college and formal education without spending all of your money on it. For example, parents can set up custodial accounts or 529 plans to save money for their children’s college.

“I’m so poor that I can’t even listen.” – Ron Kittle

Here’s another funny Ron Kittle quote about saving money that can be so true it hurts. Poverty can happen because of bad money habits or because of things you can’t change.

But the good news is that you can break out of the cycle of poverty. You can also learn how to save money, even if you don’t make much money.

Remember that every dollar counts, and that you can save money faster than you think if you find ways to be thrifty.


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