“Over 13yrs No Job” – Video as University graduate burns his certificates over inability to get good job 13yrs after finishing school (Watch)

Several reactions have started trailing a trending video where a University graduate from Nigeria burns his certificates following his inability to get a good job after finishing school.

The frustrated graduate of Ajayi Crowther University burns all his certificates ranging from his degree, to his NYSC certificate among others after being unable to get a good job 13 years after finishing school.

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In the video, the middle-aged Nigerian graduate expresses sadness over the situation of things in the country as he added that he is dragging jobs with illiterate despite being a University graduate.

According to the University graduate, there is no essence of having the certificates as it is just absolutely nothing but a waste of time.


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Adding more reason to why he decided to burn his certificate, the man said that some country abroad do not even accepts Nigerian degrees and someone will have to end up learning something.

A voice could be heard in the background telling the University graduate not to burn his certificate, but he refused as he asserted there there was no reason for having all the certificates because there was no difference between the literates and illiterates in Nigeria.

He added that he would advise anyone to go and learn work now instead of going to the University while berating the certificates offered by the higher institutions.

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He also noted while burning the certificates that the work he is about to get now is from a friend who didn’t go to University but they both went to the same primary school.

Watch the video below;



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