I got it from my mama – Beauty goddess

John Merry is famously known as the beauty goddess tiktok although her real name is John Merry. Beauty goddess on TikTok is a model, content creator, minister, and fashion star. She’s a vindicated tiktoker who is outstanding body and beauty gave her down to suckers.

She attracted a lot of followers on TikTok through the short vids of her beautiful tone. After winning some cotillion challenges which attracted some cash, she has been promoting songs for artists on her TikTok handle where she has over 2 million ollowers.


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Beauty Goddess is a fashionista. She dresses well and wears nice clothes of brands she promotes on Instagram. Some of her shoes, bags, jeans, trousers, covers, hair, and makeup are grounded on paid hookups with the brands to promote them on social media. John Merry likes nose rings too.

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John Merry aka Beauty Goddess was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. John. One of her parents is from Nigeria, while the other is from Ghana

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