Where Can Unemployed Person Get Loan Urgently?

You would probably agree that not having a job can be hard on your money. In this case, you need to be very careful with what little money you have. But no matter how careful you are with your money, you will have to spend money on some things that will never happen again.

With the present economic situation of the country, you would agree with me that being unemployed is frustrating. It can affect your finances sooner or later if you do not spend wisely.

Well, no matter how prudent you are in spending, certain emergencies may arise and you will be left with no other option but to spend. Worst-case scenario, when you are unable to solve immediate problems because you have no job.

Unemployment is one of the major problems we face in Nigeria. The majority of the youth have been out of a job for a long time. While some haven’t gotten any decent job since after graduation.

In this case, you might not be able to meet these goals because you don’t have a job. The good news is that if you don’t have a job, you don’t have many loan choices. This article tells you everything you need to know about the different loan choices you can use.

If you don’t have a job, can you still get a loan?

We’ve already talked about how you can get a loan even if you don’t have a job. But if you want a loan from any lender, you’ll need to have a good credit background.

You also need to have a good credit score and a way to make money besides the loan. If you have another way to make money, they want to use this to figure out if you can pay back the loan or not.

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How do I get a loan in Nigeria if I don’t have a job?

Quick loans are one of the fastest ways to get a loan if you don’t have a job. This type of loan is also called “short-term loans.” With the progress of technology, there are now a lot of Fintech companies that can help you get a loan.

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This type of loan gives you flexible ways to pay it back, and you can use them as soon as 24 hours after you apply. You can get these loan choices from any of these banks or credit unions. Also, you don’t have to fill out any forms or put up any collateral to get these loans.

Aella Credit

Aella Credit is a platform you can use to find quick loan choices. It is only available as an app. They make this loan option so that Nigerians can get more money. This goes from 1,500 pounds to 700,000 pounds. The payment plan is open, and the monthly interest rate ranges from 4% to 29%. Aella credit loans can only be used for up to two months.


Since it started, Carbon has become one of the most trusted places in Nigeria to get a quick loan. Once you meet all of their standards, it will only take a few minutes to get the loan you want.

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All you have to do is give them your Bank verification code and some other information so they can figure out how much your loan is worth. The app can be used on both Android and iOS. Loans with carbon can be paid back in different ways, and the interest rate goes from 5% to 10%.

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As a person without a job, you can also get quick loans through your store. You can get a loan between 100,000 and 200,000 naira within 24 hours of applying. Depending on how much they offer you, their interest rates run from 15% to 34%. You don’t need security or a way to make money to get this type of loan.


You can get a loan from this group for anywhere between #10,000 and #500,000. If they accept your application, they will give you #10,000 as a start. They do this to see if you can be trusted and if you can pay back the loan. If you do what they want you to do with your first loan, they will increase the amount you can borrow. One good thing about them is that the interest rates go down the faster you pay them back.


Fair money is a licensed lending company that can give its users short-term loans between #2,500 and #150,000. You will need to give them your Bank Verification Number and your bank card in order to get a loan from them.

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You will also have to give them other information, like your home address and phone number. After that, they will decide if you can get a loan from them or not. The interest rate on Fair Money runs from about 5% to 28%, and the term can be anywhere from one month to 26 weeks.


All over the world, unemployment is a big problem. There is still a lot of competition for jobs. Even so, if you are jobless, you need to find a way to live. This is why there are a lot of financial institutions that offer different kinds of loans to meet your wants. Their loans are fast as lightning and will be sent to your bank account as soon as you meet their requirements.

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