How To Refer And Earn N2000 On Palmpay (Simple Tricks)

Palmpay is a leading fintech innovator that aims to make digital payment more accessible and flexible.

Refer And Earn N2000!

Want to know how you can make N2000 easily with the PalmPay app?

By referring people to join PalmPay.

And the best timing is now!

The rule is clear. And the bounty is huge:

N600 —— 1 invitee registers and transacts with PalmPay

N1000—— 2 invitees register and transact with PalmPay

N2000—— 3 invitees register and transact with PalmPay

And below is how you can refer and earn.

Step 1: Log into your PalmPay app. Go to Home. Select Refer & Earn.

Step 2: Tab Invite new users to get cash. Send the invitation link to your friends.

Step 3: Your invitee enters his phone number and sign up to PalmPay.

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Your invitee can also get a N110 bonus at signup. When your invitee registers or transacts, you can also get cash rewards.

If the currency icon goes grey, it means your invitees have simply entered their phone number but not registered or activated the palmpay account yet.

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You can click Remind, and send them a message to finish registering or activating their account.

Once both two curreny icons goes fully purple, you’ll know that your invitees have completed registeration and activation.

How To withdraw Your Free N2000 From Palmpay Cash Spree

The process to withdraw on the cash spree program on palmpay app is easy.

  • Navigate to cash spree section and tap on it.
  • Once you’ve calmed any plan before either N500, N1000 or N2000 and you have been inviting people through your link.
  • And the people you’ve been inviting to join, then. It will keep reading on the cash spree section.
  • Which once you’ve reached where it’s supposed to reach that is you have invite people to the level you have to some certain.
  • Then you will be asked to claim the money and withdraw which lasts for upto 48hrs.
  • That is you have 48 hours to invite the 7 people on the 2000 plan once you’ve applied for it.

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